2018 Club Cameron Ball Marker

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By Andrew A

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  1. Andrew A

    Andrew A
    Charlotte, NC

    I received my 2018 Club Cameron yesterday and coul;dn't have been more excited to open it up and see all the goodies inside. Everything was amazoing as expected, however, does anyone else wonder if green was the right choice for the Scotty Dog Rubberized Metal Ball Marker? While it looks amazing and is sized very well, the color is going to make it hide if gamed on the greens. Anyone else have this immediate thought? I guess I will game it until I lose it!

  2. Jason S

    Jason S
    Schofield, WI

    I like white or silver colored ball markers. I lose sight of pennies. Foreign coins are my favorite because no one will take them.
  3. JayBee


    I personally love my bag and kit, the lime color choice of the 2018 CCM integrated with the black.. but I do understand what you mean by how the scotty dog marker blends right into a lot of the greens(depending where) the looks and durability of this ball marker is simply amazing especially at set up and address when marking the ball!! a real statement maker, i definitely thought the same and clinged it onto my car keys love repping my scotty gear wherever i go .
    I am loving this walking bag with dual straps and dual pockets+plus water bottle holder!! so happy for that alone! But i got last years kit and this years and I love this bag, first SC bag and i love how it has a spine and stands up actually compared to the older canvas classic ones. fits the clubs snug and nicley too, how do you feel or care for the headcover this year Andrew?
  4. JayBee


    found a nice spot for the silly Scotty Cameron Design studio Sticker, what do you think instead of the hole..? just curious what're you using your scotty cameron accessories and member kit Pins, Stickers, Bag Tags, Ball Markers for?
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  5. Andrew A

    Andrew A
    Charlotte, NC

    I loved the entire kit this year! My Sticker is proudly placed upon my yeti cooler and already gaming the headcover. I take the pin off the pin and use that as an additional ballmarker, which has always worked well in past. I really liek the idea of this year's ball marker on my car keys. I will be stealing that idea for sure.
  6. Kathy J

    Kathy J
    Portland, OR

    I am still waiting for my kit. Ordered it the 2nd week in January. Anyone else waiting?

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