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By Rob M

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  1. Rob M

    Rob M
    San Antonio, Texas

    Looking for players that have had their putter shafts replaced by the Custom Shop.

    I sent mine out to be replaced and also a new grip put on. The shaft looks generic, no SC or Titleist logo sticker on the shaft. Thought that was really odd because I wanted to keep it looking authentic. I get it back with no resemblance that SC Custom Shop worked on it. Also, was disappointed that the putter head has a blemish on the "top-line" from what looks to be mark from being placed in a vice.

    I sent a email to the Custom Shop with order details but have not received a response. Any feedback is welcomed.

  2. Rob,
    Give them a call. Their reps are very helpful. Did you select a shaft band during the customization process? This is something that is chosen specifically by you. If you did not choose one, they leave it blank. Im sure they will fix the blemish for you. I hate to hear of this! After spending and waiting, it is a bummer when things are not right!

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