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By Jeffery M

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  1. Finally got fitted for a new Scotty! I went in not knowing what would work and feel the best for me, and after an hour on a SAMS machine this was the best fit for me. What a world of difference compared to my other Non Scotty putter. Never been fitted for a putter before but would highly recommend it. This now completes my all Titleist bag, giving me even more confidence in my game. Now that I have all the right arrows, it’s up the the Indian.

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  2. John M

    John M
    Clayton, CA

    Congratulations! I’m curious, where was the fitting? Can you give a little more detail on the process? Thanks for sharing.
  3. John, I went to Carl’s Golfland in Bloomington Hills, MI. The process took one hour which they checked my old putter and my stroke with that. Then the fun began as they put me on the Sam machine, which checked my stroke, arc, face at impact, etc. Very informative as to how I was rolling the ball. After that information he suggested 3 putters to try to improve on all the categories above and how comfortable I was with each one. The Futura 5.5M was the best fit for me. The only major difference in my overall was the length to give me a better eye sight standing over the ball. The whole process I felt was well worth the money, $100 for fitting in which they applied half back towards the purchase. I feel on average 30- 36 putts per round is big part of my game so if I can improve a few putts, thus lowering my handicap. Hope this helps a little. Now I know it’s my game and not my equipment. It’s just like getting fit for irons or woods with all the technology out there to make you better.

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