Scotty Cameron Putting Path Tool

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By Corey T

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  1. Corey T

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    Does anyone recall how much the Scotty Cameron Putting Path Tools were when they were available? I'm assuming they are no longer being sold on the website since I can't find them there. I see them on eBay and, again I am assuming, the prices are probably doubled or more than what they actually cost. I really would like to have this tool (preferably in gold or black) but not for $100+

  2. jeff l
    alsip, IL

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    I just seen a gold one for 89.00 on ebay 7/6 I think on SC website when they are on there are $65
  3. Hector R. Fernandez
    Wilmington, NY

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    If you want a better tool, I would go for a Cameron Cube. That was, in my opinion, the best putting tool Cameron ever design. I use it often to work on my outer release. You can still find them on eBay brand new for under $100.00
  4. Chris92009
    Cincinnati, Ohio

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    Anything north of $75 is too high...
  5. Hulon M
    Geneva, AL

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    I think the gold was 59.00$ when it was released.....

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