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By Matt L

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  1. Matt L

    Matt L
    Waukegan, IL

    I recently put my Newport 2 Studio style back in the bag after using a TM Ghost for a number of years. Should’ve done this sooner after once thinking the Newport was too light/ adding lead tape was not enough. Since putting the Newport back in play I discovered the great feel this club has. Only one problem, the original head cover has been misplaced therefore I’m using a generic cover, that doesn’t do this great work of putting art justice.

  2. Dale V

    Dale V
    Escondido, CA

    Yep, i have a Studio Style Newport 2.5 33" and it keep coming back as my gamer. I went to a GoLo 3 for a while but I always seem to go back to that Newport 2.5. Find you a proper headcover on eBay and pack it away. I use a Scotty Custom Shop and sometimes one i picked up at Bandon. Saving the original cover.
  3. I started collecting headcovers, but had to stop. It is crazy what you can spend on some special anniversary headcovers. I have a horse head from the PGA Championship that was in Louisville in 2014. Paid $140, I am sure it is worth more today. But why?
    I lost my Cameron and Crown head cover last month. It was my home course, so I was sure someone turn it back in. In hindsight, I should have gone back and looked for it right away. I never dreamed someone would steal it.
    As a side note, when I won back to back match play championships a number of years ago, I went out and purchased a new head cover as a trophy, and the club did not supply one.
    As for the studio 2 design, I am on my 4th one now. I currently have the Cameron and Crown Newport 2. Putts almost go in by themselves.

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