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By jason r

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    Currently have the Cleveland hunting beach putter in my bag and as I love it I love the feel of the swing path of the Scotty Cameron putters almost effortless can anyone tell me anymore pros/cons about these putters

  2. Dale V
    Escondido, CA

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    Putters are like cars, very individualistic. Some people want functionality and don't really care about brand status. I have using various "Scotty's" for 20 years but i know other brands are high quality and give some people the look or feel that they want. Go with what works best for you. I personally can't imagine ever moving from Scotty's to another brand.
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    Go get yourself a Newport if you like that style of putter. I love the feel and balance of the Cameron putters that I own. I have a Del Mar and a Studio #3. The only con that I can think of is that they are a little pricier than a Cleveland putter is going to be. They will definitely hold their value better than a lot of other brands if you're the type to buy and sell with any frequency.
  4. Zangetsu

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    I had a few cleveland and Odyssey putters before finally switching to Scotty.

    I always was leaving puts short couldn’t really fee hits as well.
    After that I dropped some cash on a scotty newport and it shocked me how different it felt and how much more responsive it was. Family told me i was a fool to spend that money on a putter. But I told em, i’d rather spend it on a putter I use 28-36 times a round than on a driver I hit 8-13 times a round.
    I personally cannot think about switching out a scotty myself. Just love it to pieces

    Go and test a few in a local shop
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    What Cleveland Huntington model are you playing (like the 1, 2, 6, 6C, 10 etc.)? Knowing that will help people give you suggestions on what to look at if your trying to a SC putter that would be similar in design, toe hang (toe flow), hosel design etc.
  6. Hotsauce
    Georgetown MA

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    Putters are very personal. I'm not familiar with Cleveland flagsticks, but if you like the style you're gaming today, I would try to find one that's similar.
    For me, I really like the older model Camerons- Oil Can, The Circa 62, Classics, Tel2, Studio Design and even the first select series really do it for me. There's a handful of sites out there dedicated to Cameron Collectors that will provide quite an education.
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    I would suggest you just go and spend time putting several kinds of putters and figuring out which one fits you best. It might surprise you which putter you end up with. I was in the market for a new putter, and thought I had settled on an odyssey, but kept going back and comparing it to a scotty. My boys new how bad I wanted the scotty and for fathers day last year they gave me the money to cover the cost difference. I went to my shop and spent time just putting different scotty's, and had my heart set on a Newport 2, but after hitting the Futura 6M DB I was in love and it is the best putter I have ever owned. I have not had a round yet where my average wasn't below 2 putts per hole. Good luck and enjoy the process.
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    I received Scotty Cameron & Crown Futura 5MB- 33" as a gift and would like to come to your facility in Massachusetts to trade this for a Newport 3 or comparable putter. Get fit and out the door I go with the new putter.

    The Cameron & Crown Futura 5MB is in very Good Condition.

    I live on Cape Cod and can go over to the New Bedford area plant in 30 minutes.

    Could you send me some times I can come in?


    Bob Clark

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