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  1. BCH


    Hi guys In the past I have had putters modified to my specific needs. How does this work with Scotty putters.

    I am getting ready to get a new putter and i need 2° upright and 32" long with 3 extra wraps. Will plan on getting a fitting to reconfirm my specs.

    Do you buy from a retailer such as Golf Galaxy and it's delivered that way or what is best method to ensure my specs are applied to the finished product. Thansk

  2. Jerome C

    Jerome C
    London Ontario Canada

    My suggestion would be to find an Titleist fitting centre ,then take your spec to an Titleist dealer and place your order.
    I did this earlier the year
    Hope this helps
  3. BCH


    Thanks Jerome
    Closest place seems to be Pinehurst for me!

    I'll check itputter
  4. Chris92009

    Cincinnati, Ohio

    You can purchase a putter off the rack and then send it to Scotty's Custom Shop and have all adjustments done plus have a few other personalizations done at same time...JAT

    You can order it with those specs however 3 extra wraps and 32" may not work in Titleist Order System. ... You may wish to check with your Titleist Retailer by having them call the order desk and see if that is ok.

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