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By Ryan L

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  1. Ryan L

    Ryan L
    Fort Wayne, IN

    Can other SC Concept X owners weigh in on their thoughts about the design of the head cover? For a $600 putter, it seems like a bit more thought and "craftsmanship" could have gone into this design...with two "flaps", one of which being super thin, is incredibly difficult to close easily. Does anyone else agree or have suggestions of perhaps other options that might be easier to put on and take off during a round? Again, my biggest gripe is that for a 600 putter, the head cover design is more akin to a 150 grade flat stick. As an example, my soon has an O-Works mallet and the the closer is slick with an integrate magnet, triangular flap that opens and closes so much easier. Thoughts TT community? Thanks!!

    Post Image
    Post Image
  2. Having owned Scotty Cameron Headcovers since 1995 I realize that this cover, like many other mallet covers over the years, will have two flaps. I would suggest that craftsmanship doesn't equate to durability if you do not take care of things...I have never had a problem over all these years with the headcovers myself...

    I like the way they are made and the quality they represent. IMHO

    Cheers, Chris
  3. Ryan L

    Ryan L
    Fort Wayne, IN

    Politely disagree. This headcover in the photo is new and the design doesn’t mirror other mallets, as evidenced by the one super tiny flap that already looks tattered. It’s a poor design that isn’t user friendly or likely to hold up even when well cared for. IMHO
  4. Any luck finding a head cover? I also need one.
  5. Did you have any luck getting a replacement CX headCover??
  6. It could be worse. They could have made them yellow like they did for the Phantom X putters. The first thing I did after buying the putter was go online and buy a new headcover.
  7. I do not own this model, but have been thinking for sometime that maybe a magnetic closure might be nicer than the velcro which gets "hairy" quite quickly and then more likely to fall off.
    (Missing covers are hardly ever returned)

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