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By BMaddigan

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  1. Well, with nothing but time on my hands until this past Saturday when golf courses opened up in Ontario, I ended up purchasing a 2018 Newport 2 last month. My dilemma now is: do I change back to a blade, or stay with my Phantom X 5.5? They have the same grip, the Newport has 20g weights, the Phantom has 15g weights. Hitting over 100 putts a day in my office over the past 3 weeks, I can not really say there was a clear cut winner. Based on last year's record, we went with the Phantom for the first 3 rounds. Today, I thought I should have made a couple more putts than I did. I am quite certain the Newport will be in the bag this week.

  2. Mike M

    Mike M
    Salem MA

    I've ben putting the last few years with a black Scotty GoLo 5. I'm not sure of what year it is.We've just opened courses in Massachusetts so I only have 2 rounds in, but I just put my Newport 2 center shaft prototype back in the bag with pretty good results.Similar to your situation, the GoLo I was using is heavier than the prototype blade.I always thought the prototype was too light (it's from the early 2000's before counter weights were put in the sole).I carefully put a few layers of lead tape on the back center of the putter covering the site line. I put them there so they could be easily removed without damaging the finish.

    The added weight has helped.It's early, so we'll see how it goes,butI think I'll keep it in the bag for a while.
  3. Blades just fit the eye so much better in my opinion...artwork
  4. Well now I have created a putter controversy in my bag. I went with the blade today and shot 2 over, 2 birdies, 29 putts, no 3 putts. I also made 5 putts for par from 3ft or more. Looks like the Newport will be staying in my bag, and the Phantom is going to be my expensive backup sitting in my living room for the near future.
  5. It's the look and feel of a blade for me. I use a Circa 62 No.3 which in my opinion is the best feel off the face I've ever use
  6. Update on the putter controversy. I hit 13 greens yesterday and did not make a birdie putt until the 11th one. Some were inside 10ft. I did make a couple putts on the last 3 holes to salvage a decent game, but I was not happy with the Newport. So, back in the bag goes the Phantom and it certainly paid off. I made 3 birdie putts on the first 11 holes, and no 3 putts. There were also several close misses, and I made 3 par putts of around 10ft or so.
  7. It is good to have a bullpen to draw upon.....some days are better for certain putters than others. I have a number of them that are constantly calling to be put into the rotation.
  8. larry m

    larry m
    columbiana, OH

    I have the 5.5. Hate to say this but it has a very hard feel when ball comes off. I have noticed this with all the newer Scotty's. I'm back to the 2012 Newport
  9. kaizen10366

    Olympia, WA

    I recently purchased a Futura Phantom X6 STR and played a few rounds with it as an experiment. I see a lot of tour players moving to blades, and I have also wondered if a tech putter would help me take stokes off. I putted well with it, but not any better than my blade putter. So, I switched back to my 009. My thought was that if I am not lowering scores, I’m going to putt with something sexy that I like looking at.

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