Headcovers for Phantom X12

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By Per

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  1. Per


    Hi, is there any other headcovers for the X12, than the standard yellow?? They are a bit "boring".... :-)

  2. Go to Scotty website and in accessories they have 3 choices for mallet...yellow / grey/ and a jackpot Johnny. Probably more in eBay but with the typical flipper fee attached! Best of luck finding your cover!
  3. Per


    what they have on Scottys page doesn´t fit the X12, mid-square...
    I´ll check e-bay
  4. jim p

    jim p
    Ormond Beach, FL

    Go to ebay and search craftsman golf square mallet. I purchased one for my 12.5 and it fits perfectly. They also use magnets instead of Velcro so it will last much longer than the ridiculously over priced Scotty covers. Why Scotty doesn’t use magnets is beyond belief.
  5. Agree with previous posts, go to eBay. Also, I discovered that Futura headcovers fit the Phantom X. I have jackpot Johnny now and another grey one. I hated the yellow one right from the start.
  6. BK

    Williston, VT

    Guess I'm the outlier
    I actually like the bright yellow cover
  7. Scotty Cameron's website or go on Amazon they have craftsman golf that are awesome , also have CNC golf that are great quality!
  8. You can get head covers through the custom shop on Scottys website that fit the x12. I have bought several off of eBay and there is also a Facebook Scotty Cameron group that has stuff for sale- I picked up an in and out burger head cover for the full mallet style. Good luck

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