finish chipping on flowback 5.5

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By Pgerend

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  1. Pgerend


    three weeks ago I got a floback 5.5. I love it. accept for the fact that there's a small area on the back where the finish seems to be chipping off. I've never put the putter in my back w/o the cover and have been very careful with my clubs generally. Not sure if this is a part of the experience of owning a SC putter and I should accept it or if it's a signal that something might be wrong. Thanks in advance for sharing your expertise!

  2. You can take some pictures and email customer service at Titleist to see what they think. I have been playing Scotty Cameron putters and never had this issue. However, I would still run it by Titleist customer service and get their opinion.

    Good Luck, Chris

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