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  1. Hi.

    I live in Norway and need some help.

    Firsth i tried to talk to customer service om scotty cameron siste. Didn't help at all.

    I can't send my putter in to them to fix it, because it will take to much time and cost allot of money.

    I broke the shaft on my scotty cameron phantom x6 std center shafted putter.

    I need a New shaft, can anyone tell me do i need to buy Straight shaft with tip sice 0.355 or do i nedd 0.370?

    CAN someone please help me??

  2. Scotty uses a special size that is neither, basically it is in between! I would recommend spending the money to send it in to the custom shop to have it repaired professionally. If you must do this on your own you go with larger shaft and sand it down to fit.

    Just some thoughts,

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