Are the X 5.5 putters completely sold out?

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By Jason K

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  1. Can’t seem to even find them on a website to be told they are back ordered. Other models exist but the 5.5 just seems to be totally gone. Anyone have an answer?

  2. Brock L

    Brock L
    Fort Myers, FL

    Tons of them at every store around here. At least 4 in stock at each store.
  3. I have only seen the X5 in stores. The X5.5 have all required custom orders from what I've seen locally. I ordered my 2021 Model back in March (before the 2022 versions were announced) and am STILL waiting on it... Titleist is very delayed right now...
  4. There seems to be plenty in the stores & online
  5. Ryan

    west coast

    i just got the last 35" one in stock in my (big) city. and that was at any dick's, golf galaxy, and pga superstore within 100 miles. I LOVE IT, BEST THING EVER FELT, MIRACLE ART. got mine at gg, mine's 35". i did see 1 pop up at golf galaxy 34". check those three on their websites itll give pickup availability.
  6. Found one at a local GG. 5.5 in the bag baby! Makes me want to cry it’s so beautiful

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