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By Chris L

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  1. How nice do these putters look. Can’t wait to see one in the flesh, and you never know

  2. I would like to order the left handed putter but there’s no information about how you can order from anyone must just be pot luck if you get one or not pity
  3. As a GoLo S5 user for many years I am looking forward to seeing what the new model(s) will look like and if they might tempt me to replace it.
  4. CTgary


    Those went really fast! I was able to get a MONOBLOK 6 and it looks amazing. I already have 3 rounds with it, and loving the heavier feel and the look at address. I also am impressed with the grip, as I switch to the claw on shorter putts. This grip feels great with either a conventional grip or the claw.

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