Made in Vietnam?

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By Matthew G

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  1. Matthew G

    Matthew G
    La Plata, MD

    Picked up a Super Select headcover for my collection. Surprised to find the inner tag says "Made in Vietnam" and not have the trusted AM&E logo. Did Scotty part ways with AM&E or is this a fake?

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  2. larry m

    larry m
    columbiana, OH

    Great question
  3. Andrew A

    Andrew A
    Charlotte, NC

    Sorry to say, but this appears to be a fake.
  4. DK

    Doylestown, PA

    I've noticed the "Made in Vietnam" on a few headcovers lately too. I hope they didn't leave A&E but you never know with the way things are today. Let's just hope the quality doesn't fall
  5. Chuck Z

    Chuck Z
    Mt Pleasant, SC

    Here is the headcover in his YouTube video. You headcover looks grey, maybe the lighting. His is black and seems rather smooth. You can always call their customer service which is listed under their logo at the bottom left of this page.
  6. Dale V

    Dale V
    Surprise AZ

    All the bags I have had over the last several years (Players 4, Players 4 Carbon, Cart 14) have come from the Titleist plant in Vietnam so I would expect these are the same. Most importantly, were did you get it from? That's the best way to ensure authenticity.
  7. Christopher G

    Christopher G
    Saugus MA

    Where’d you get it from. Not familiar with the Vietnam manufacturing but could be wrong
  8. I know the stock headcovers (and grips) are made overseas now.
  9. Matthew G

    Matthew G
    La Plata, MD

    Confirmed. Titleist customer service informed that headcover manufacturing is taking place in Vietnam. No indication if AM&E is still mass producing head covers for putters. Possibly AM&E is manufacturing for Custom Shop/Club Cameron only. Took the headcover to Golf Galaxy and did a side-by-side comparison with a cover in stock. 100% the same. Golf Galaxy headcover also showing made in Vietnam.
  10. Did you question the quality of the headcover before you found where it was made
  11. Matthew G

    Matthew G
    La Plata, MD

    @Derekb Kinda sorta initially, which is what made me look at the tag in the first place.

    I ended up purchasing a Super Select from a major golf retailer and received the same headcover. I was debating between the Super Select and a png PLD, but knew I’d regret the png purchase. The Super Select and PLD are very similar.

    One other detail I did notice with the Super Select in comparison to some of my other Camerons is that the new Super Select grip no longer has the Golf Pride name. So assuming Scotty moved away from Golf Pride too, jeez.

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