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By TDial

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  1. TDial

    Weldon Spring, MO

    Received the GOLO 6.5 this week and Holy Cow! I am so impressed with the feel and reaction of this putter. It has a great clean and classic finish to it, nothing flashy or eye catching.. just beautiful performance!

    I am 6’2” and got the 35”. Something I like is the grip is long enough that I have the ability to choke up or adjust my grip if needed and stay on the grip. I was unsure whether I wanted a 34” or 35” and this solved my hesitation.

  2. DK

    Eastern Pennsylvania

    Enjoy it. I am toying with getting the 6.5 as another one. I'd use it on the days that end in Y :)
    Good to hear about the grip length. I am on the taller side too and struggle with that too
  3. TDial

    Weldon Spring, MO

    I wouldn't hesitate, it is worth every penny. Not ever having one before, the sensation and purity feel in my hands has made such a difference. On address, I notice I feel more confident and can align my shot quicker. Only thing I wish (which can still be done for more money to customize) is the being able to pick color fill for the 3 milled dots.
  4. Chuck Z

    Chuck Z
    Mt Pleasant, SC

    A putter is such an individual thing and finding the right one is priceless. Same here 6'2" and playing a 35" for many years. Just a different Cameron model. I have three different weights for my Newport 2 so I can adjust to the speed of our greens during the year (10grm, 15grm and 30grm). Congratulations!!!!!!!!!!
  5. TDial

    Weldon Spring, MO

    Do you change out the weights yourself? I would be fearful of messing it up, but being able to adjust/tinker with would be beneficial. Especially as I am still developing my form and adjusting.
  6. Yeah I think my circa 62 is 35” and I stuck a super stroke on it and it feels great happy you’ve found the one

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