Is it Fake? or Real? Newport 2.6

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By sangsu l

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  1. Hi, everyone here. I am a golfer who lives in Korea. I recently purchased the Scotty Cameron Newport 2.6 through a secondhand shop.

    To check whether it is genuine, I check the serial number on the official website of the titleist, and it says "t200ii irons".

    I wonder if it's normal to come out like this or if there's a special reason.

    Compared to the pictures, it's made to be precise and the Impact is the same as Scotty Cameron.

    However, the serial check part is the most worrisome.

    Please give me a good opinion.

    have a nice putt sincery

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  2. The serial number checker is inaccurate. I bought a brand new SS Newport 2 and when it came in last week, I added it to my bag, but the serial number gave me two additional choices of what club it may have been.

    As far as the club in your pics, it does look authentic.
  3. tough to tell via pics but looks ok to me based upon what was provided.
  4. Chuck Z

    Chuck Z
    Mt Pleasant, SC

    I had a Notchback Select Newport 2 that was in that same condition when I got rid of it. Looks like the same time period. They just did not hold up well as gamers. Had one in chrome also that looked awesome.

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