Switch putters or no?

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By Logan J

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  1. Question.. I have always played a 2-ball putter but wanting to switch to a blade. No reason other than I like the looks of the Scotty blades. I wonder how hard of a transition it would be??

  2. Andrew A

    Andrew A
    Charlotte, NC

    This is a very loaded question without knowing the exact 2 ball you are using. If it's a face-balanced putter it would be a huge difference unless you get a center shafter blade to keep a face balance going. If you move to a blade with a lot of toe hang, it will be significant change.

    Rule of thumb, but putting is so personal.... face-balanced are intended for players with staright back / straight through stroke while a maximum tow hang is for arcing strokes.

    Companies offer medium or low toe-hang for less arcing strokes.

    Neck, length, lie all factor into a proper putter as well
  3. DK

    Northeast PA

    I've gone from Mallet style to blade, back to mallet, back to blade, and now settled on mallet style. I don't think it will be that hard to transition from one to the other. The sound and feel of a Scotty is noticeably different. You'll be in love instantly.
  4. completely different feel and look....I would transition to another mallet like the new phantom or golo before going to a blade IMHO
  5. JESUS D

    Dripping Springs, TX

    i have a TM mallet putter and a scotty newport. i normally game the SC newport but if the greens are super slow i typically go with the mallet. in TX i play difference courses and i just feel like i can hit the ball better with the mallet putter. but i love my scotty!

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