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  1. DK

    Northeast PA

    I recently was lucky enough to receive an invite to join the Cameron Club in Japan. I think they call it M&G for museum and Gallery. From what I researched, it looks like it will cost $285 with shipping to for the member package to join. It looks like the higher demand items like bags and such are based on a lottery system. Due to the time zone change, does anyone know how long the lottery is open for? Or is it like the US club when you only get a few hours? I'm deciding if it's worth the effort and expense to join. Would be great to add a different "flavor" to my collection but ...

  2. I have been a member for many years and the process continues to evolve it seems like every couple of years...the lottery on each item is listed with an ending time/date. Usually it is a couple of days at most...sometimes shorter. The drops happen in the middle of the night USA time that do not have a lottery. The lotteries I have never had a problem getting in on...just sign up as soon as you get the email.

  3. DK

    Northeast PA

    I appreciate it Chris. Thanks for the info. Just sent in my payment and made it official.
  4. BK

    Williston, VT

    Getting into the Lotteries is easy peasy

    Now winning them, not so much
  5. DK

    Northeast PA

    Agreed! So far since my membership I'm 0-4 on the drops and 0-2 on the lottery entries. Got all year to hope!

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