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By ArranH

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  1. ArranH


    Just like to say what a truly enjoyable experience the fitting was with Andrew at Titleist fitting centre Sentosa.

    I told him when I arrived it was a difficult one to beat as I was very comfortable with the png G400 currently in my bag. However a true professional.. he went about going through the whole suite of fitting.

    I wont bore you with the details, but ultimately we sided towards the TS2 more because of feel (and if I'm honest it really didnt drop off as much on my heel strikes!!)

    The surprise for me was that the club head speed and ball speed did not really change significantly between ANY of the drivers.. however the launch was really where the TS2 just seemed to penetrate more "forwards" than floating as my png does. It actually equated to about a 10 yard difference.. however more critical for me, it tightened what was already a tight dispersion; and improved the impact of drop off on a bad strike.

    In conditions such as the hard baked surfaces in Asia, the potential gain in run for total yardage I beleive is significant.

    I would highly recomend the process, I cant guarantee the result, however I can honestly say the driver really does deliver on performance.. and the sound is honestly the best "striking" sound I have ever heard from a driver.

    Finally, dont go in and dictate what you think you should have.. you may be surprised.. I was as the 8.5 degree and actually 1/2 inch shorter shaft gave me better performance than a 46.5 and 10.5 deg png G400!!!!

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