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By SSuthamcharu

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  1. On the Custom guide book, there is a column about “Up charge” and in each shaft grade row it shows yes and no.

    My example is AP3, the standard shaft is NSPro 95 Iron shaft. If I want to change to Tensei graphite shaft with the No up charge. Do I still need to pay additional charge between Iron shaft and graphite shaft that claimed by the retail shop seller? Best

  2. No'l

    Palmdale, CA

    Here's how I understand how the pricing works:

    Both steel and graphite have their own standard pricing and they differ from each other with the graphite being a little more than the steel. It is indicated on the website as: MSRP: $185/club (steel) $210/club (graphite)

    The Titleist Shaft Offering site: www.titleist.com/.../golf-shafts gives a guide whether the shaft fitted for you has an upcharge on top of the standard pricing for steel or graphite.

    TT Member SSuthamcharu, the best way I know how to arrive to your own club composition is to get fitted for the best Titleist head and shaft combination without looking to see if it's graphite or steel. Leave the numbers and results to the fitter for your own swing to arrive to the "____________" shaft.

    Happy New Year and good luck!

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