Larger hats for big heads

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By thomas s

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  1. thomas s

    thomas s
    Pittsboro, NC

    Being a person with a large head ( 7 7/8- 8) I find it hard to get  hats of the baseball, golf tour style.  If I find one the brim

    is to narrow to protect my outer face.  Does Titleist make an " over sized" hat for people like me and if so can I purchase a few?

    Thomas Scholl

  2. memphisunited

    Memphis, TN

    I second that.  Some of the L/XL fitted hats work for me.  The sizing isn't consistent, so I try them on and find one L/XL that fits a little bigger than the others.  Maybe going to an XL hat would be nice.

  3. Keith M

    Keith M
    Acworth, GA

    Same here.  I'm only at 7 3/8, but I find the L/XL fits smaller than I would like.  When my hair is longer (and I have a crew cut basically), I find it very uncomfortable. 

    A XL/XXL would be nice.  Either that or bring back true fitted hats with proper sizing.  My favorite golf hat of all time was the fitted 7 3/8 Titleist hat I bought about 15 years ago.

  4. Love Titeist and their hats. Check out Bobble Headwear - they have some solid hats that fit my size 8 head.
  5. Can I not order XXL caps from this site ?
  6. JKissoon

    Ajax, ON

    HA I'm the opposite, I can't find a fitted one small enough. I can fit into a kids size but then the brim is too short. Some of my bald friends have the same issue as me.
  7. Ralph C

    Ralph C
    Portland, ME

    I've been hoping Titleist would come out with a hat like Ben Hogan wore in the 50's (yes, I know Hogan played MacGregors).
  8. Same issue 7 7/8...

    Trial and error. Every now and then I find one but I dare not order online. Gotta try it on. I did lose 30 pounds recently and that helped LMFAO!!!!!
  9. Peter H

    Peter H
    Spring Farm, NSW

    flexfit do a jumbo cap up to 3XL
  10. I wear a 7 5/8 and find getting hats a difficult proposition. I call the "one size fits all" hats "one size fits SMALL" LOL. I love my fitted Titleist hat. Perfect fit.
  11. Sean S

    Sean S
    Centreville, VA

    I agree an XL or XL/XXL flex fit would be amazing. Other companies make some but I’d love a Titleist one.

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