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By Robert L

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    Aloha TT...

    With rain finally making it's way to the Bay Area, I'm in the process of finally building the indoor garage hitting bay. With that process, comes the decisions of setting up a simulator. Are you using a projector/impact screen, or a monitor to view the graphics like in some big box stores? What projector are you using if so?

    Lastly... heading to Vegas this weekend, and still not sure who to put my money on... your thoughts?

    Brightwaters, NY

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  3. B.A.
    Los Gatos, CA

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    I have both which is nice because I don't always turn my projector on. I'm in the South Bay (Los Gatos) and you are welcome to check out my setup or png me for thoughts.

    A great site for info is

    You'll find a ton of useful information there.
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    B.A. thanks for the input and information! I'm not sure why, but not able to add you as a friend to message you direct moving forward. Are you able to add me?

    I'll definitely spend some time on the forum beforehand.
  5. David M
    Lexington, SC

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    I have both. I like the 60" wall mounted plasma for practice when I am working on something. When I switch to "playing" I switch to the projector.

    I use a SkyTrak launch monitor. I forget which projector I bought----but be sure to understand the throw ratio------IIRC--that gives you the right projector for your distance from the screen.

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