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By ScottyC50

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  1. ScottyC50
    Painesville, Ohio, USA

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    I touched on this on another thread, but I want to explore it more here, as it seems fun. I often wonder, if I was on the PGA Tour, what 3 logos would I want on my polo shirt, bag, and hat, and Why? It's fun to dream!

    Before we begin, a few assumptions: 1. If this were for real, I'd take whatever my agent could get, as long as I could get behind the product. 2. For discussion purposes, we will assume you are more than a journeyman, and you can pick and choose your sponsors (say like Ambassadors Charley Hoffman and Jordan Speith). 3. The Titleist/FJ family will already be represented somewhere on your hat/polo/bag so you can pick 3 others...

    And GO!

    1. Since I am an Ohio Native, I wanted to pick 2 that are in Ohio - companies that I can relate to, and can support. #1 would be Progressive Insurance, as its massive compound is about 15 miles from my house, and I have relatives and many friends that work for them. 2. Proctor and Gamble - they make all kinds of stuff I use, and I have 2 people I went to college with that work in R&D for them. 3. Wheels Up or NetJets - not in Ohio, but maybe I can afford that $5000 per hour fee with a little help from them....

    Also, I'd have my agent look into the NFL, and do something like Payne Stewart did, where he wore the team colors and logo of whatever team was closest. They would probably say no, but I could try...

    What about you? Think of yourself as a pro...what are you repping?

  2. Bill L
    Spring, TX

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    Dassault, Bentley, Marriott
  3. Wade W
    Roanoke, VA

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