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By Bradley S

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  1. Hi Guys just a quick question to you and hopefully Team Tilelest can help, I’m 45 and previously a 9 handicapper now a 15, I play Ap2 710 I went for a club fitting on Monday for the Ap3’s after hitting a 7 iron into the screen the pro gave me a CB also and the trackman reading gave me a better smash factor over the Ap3. Any reason and advice would be much appreciated Thanks in advance

  2. Barry B

    Barry B
    Lake St Louis, MO

    Sounds like you were only suggestion would be to wait until you can get an outside fitting...along with the numbers you generate, you'll be able to hopefully hit off the turf and see your ball fight.
  3. Ev


    You had a better strike with the CB? Did you try multiple times and get an average? Also, even though it registered a better smash factor how did the clubs compare on the other figures?
  4. Don O

    Don O
    Madison, WI

    In my mind, the key "into the net". Whether it was a Flight Scope or Trackman, it can't follow the ball down line. Everything after the first 20 feet is a model. Smash factor is one variable in club selection. Other important factors at a 15 is how well/how forgiving the club is for off center hits. Personally, I like to hit off of turf and see how the flight is with mishits and how it launches and lands. Your best shots may be with a CB, but which would be best for all shots? The CB may even be an improvement over the 710 AP2, but then again, so would the 718 AP2.
  5. Mike H

    Mike H

    All smash factor is is the ball speed divided by the club head speed. Usually this is usually due to a better strike. Manufacturers try to keep the ball speed up with off center strikes for some clubs too.

    You were probably just striking the cbs very well. A 1.5 smash factor is pretty ideal for all clubs.
  6. Rob R

    Rob R
    Chicago, IL

    I'm not sure why your recommendations came out the way they did. The same thing happened several years ago to me. I was getting fitted for irons and the fitter had me try several different styles and brands, it came down to two heads, AP2's or CB's. My numbers that day were better with CB's. I knew I was not a consistent enough golfer to play the players iron. The confusion was to much at the moment. So I thought about it for a few days and bought the AP2's.

    In my mind I went with an iron that would compliment my game on a day in and day out basis. I Hope this information helps with your decision.

  7. Dino J

    Dino J
    Burnaby, BC

    Hi Bradley ... I tend to prefer a club fitting that allows me to play shots off of the turf and to see the flight of the ball (even with the use of Track Man).

    I prefer feeling the subtleties of the irons as it interacts with the turf, how it feels when taking a divot, the actual ball flight and trajectory, etc.

    With all that being said, if the CB's were producing better shots for you, then take a serious look at them. But, also be mindful that "smash factor" is but one metric in the golf swing/club fitting. You should also look at the trajectory, ball flight, apex, and if there are noticeable differences in dispersion pattern between the AP3 and the CB.

    Something else to consider is why your handicap changed. Is it primarily due to not playing as much or is it related to a "breakdown" in your game such as driving, short game, putting, etc? My thought is that it is entirely possible that the CB's are the better choice for you -- it could be a catalyst for renewed enthusiasm for the game and perhaps motivate you to get to the range to work on the swing, short game, etc. which will translate into some better scores and more fun!

    Regardless, enjoy the process! :)
  8. Dr. Kovatchian

    Dr. Kovatchian

    Try to get all the data you can to support your purchase.
    I would look into getting fit by a certified Titleist Fitter.
    Use Trackman and get fitted outside so you can get a good idea of what your ball flight is doing...Having good data and a ball flight that your eyes love is the key to a good fitting.

    Dr. K
  9. Richard H

    Richard H
    Joplin, MO

    You only mention smash factor but not club speed or ball speed which are the required components of generating smash factor. In theory, the AP3 should provide higher ball speeds, but if you can't find the sweet spot then it would certainly be possible to achieve better results with the CB. Also keep in mind that the CB 7-Iron is not a 1-piece forging anymore and would likely give some surprising results to people who don't realize that - expecting traditional blade type numbers.

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