Snow Melting Time For New Season Prep

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By pauldrue

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  1. pauldrue
    Nashua, NH

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    So...with winter finally going away for some of us, it's time to get the season going. Just wondering, what do you all do to prep for the new season? Are you a "get out and play" person, or a "go to the range" player? What is the first thing you work on? What is the last club in the bag to come back to your arsenal?

    Happy Spring everyone!



  2. Michael JC
    Orwell, VT

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    Been a long Winter here in Vermont. Bit of a weather tease in late February, early March. Had some "balmy" temps, but March is checking in at number 6 on snowiest ever.
    When I can, when certain patches of snow melt, I hit ball into the woods to find later when the snow melts!
    So pretty much "get out and play"... hit it and find it!

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