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By Speedy

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  1. Speedy
    Newmarket, NH

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    I remember walking through the gates like it was yesterday.. So well organized and everyone from the greeters to the patrons with smiles on their faces and having a great time.. Last year my buddy called me, "Hey what are you doing Thursday, April 7th?". My face lit up b/c he has been telling me for years he'll try to take me. Let's say he's in the right line of business and has been multiple times. So there I was with my badge, being allowed to enter the most magical place I've ever been. To me, Disney is not magical this is magical. I was in awe on just how beautiful this place is. TV doesn't do justice.. And they do ONE HECK of a job running this tournament..

    So my first reaction was, WOW this place is really is green... My second reaction, holy s**t is this course hilly... haha.. But everything about this place is simply awesome...

    I hope to go again someday, wouldn't mind another beer and pimento cheese for less then $4... :)

    So, what was your first reaction attending The Masters?

  2. Dale V
    Escondido, CA

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    Some day, Speedy, some day! its on my bucket list. Assistant pro at our course goes every year as part of a corporate hosting group so i am hoping he will hook me up some day.
  3. Myra

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    Today is my first time ever at the Masters and it is definitely amazing. My host provided me with a Berkmans Place pass, which is an experienced in and if it’s own. I had a fantastic meal there then went and watched the practice rounds for a bit and walked the greens. I agree, the grass is so green EVERYWHERE that it seems unreal. The vibe was relaxed but I can imagine the actual tournament rounds will have a much more excited vibe especially with Tiger’s return. can see now why the Masters is an experience every golfer should enjoy at least once. I hope you get to go again Speedy!
  4. Greg D
    Oklahoma City, OK

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    It's impossible to describe. It's just an unbelievable place. Magical or spiritual are the words I most often use to describe it. It's everything you think it could be plus soo much more.
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    I have been blessed with the opportunity to attend several times; this year was my sixth trip. I am always amazed at the colors and prestine conditions, even where you walk as a patron would beat most fairways I have played. I was blown away when I saw the new tournament headquarters and the new golfshop/concession building, looks like it has been there 10+ years. To me the thing that always stands out is how well everything is run and how polite everyone is, staff and patrons. Hope to return soon. It's truly a magical place
  6. JEFF R
    Canton, GA

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    I've been several times. When I first started attending, there was no "first cut", and you could buy practice round tickets without a lottery. It's the most beautiful place I've ever seen. Everything about it is first class. The entry has really improved now that they added the practice area- it's hard to believe that place is real.

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