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By PRatledge

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  1. Well Team Titleist family, it has been some time since my last post. I went through some pretty challenging personal times which led to a big career change for me. During these trying personal times I had been having issues logging in to my Team Titleist account. No matter how many times I change my password it would not allow me to log in. During the beforementioned times, one of my biggest passions in life, golf, fell to the wayside. As did my Team Titleist account. I am happy to say that I have come out of these trying times a much better person because of them and have a incredible business and life has become so much better.

    Unfortunately I am still knocking the rust off of my golf game. I have loaded back up on the Pro V1xs and I am going tomorrow to pick up my Titleist staff bag from a local shop that is holding one for me. I could not be more ecstatic to get a normal golf schedule again! I have been playing close to my normal frequency of play over the past month or two. I even competed last week in my first individual stroke play event since my break. I played ok but definitely not to my standards on Day 1 And put myself into a position to be tied for the lead in my flight. Unfortunately, Day 2 did not go so well for me and I did not finish in the money (top 3 places in each flight). Honestly, I probably should have held off competitive play but I love the competition. There's nothing like playing in a tournament. I also feel it may have been a better reflection of where my game really is.

    How do you guys go about getting back in to the swing of things after a long stent without picking up the sticks? I feel my progress is steadily improving and I am on the way back to my former self on the course but any tips or feedback will be much appreciated! There is a Titleist fitting going on here at a local club on Thursday this week and I am considering attending.

    I have missed you all and I am looking forward to you being active once again here!

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    Welcome back. I just dive right back in, since every winter in North Dakota seems to drag on and on. The best thing is start whacking that little white ball around the course. It all comes back eventually.

  3. Jerry M

    Jerry M
    Dallas, TX

    Welcome back. Sometimes when you go thru those tough times it certainly changes your perspective on life and what you had. Just appreciate the little steps in game improvement and have confidence you will get to where you want to be. Work on the short game a lot and you will really see your scores come down. Good to have you back and good luck on your game.
  4. John M

    John M
    Clayton, CA

    Hi PRatledge, I think you have a great opportunity. You can identify areas you need to improve on, take a lesson and consider equipment changes. In addition, I'd suggest going on the Titleist Performance Institute site for ideas about fitness and flexibility. You can read up on the mental game or talk to someone experienced in that area. What a great opportunity you have, a chance to become a complete golfer. I think this will be a great time for you. All the best.
  5. Dave N

    Dave N
    Lady Lake, FL

    Welcome back, and good to hear your personal life is back on track. Hit um straight my friend.
  6. Angelo F

    Angelo F
    San Diego, CA

    Welcome back!
    I too had taken some time off from golf 5 years ago. At the time, I hadn't touched my sticks in over a year due to life shifting into the fast lane.
    Not sure if this would help, but I remember this from my golf coach back in high school (20 years ago...) after returning from summer break.
    It was a 4 day approach to a 5th day course-play.
    I wish I can use this approach all the time but that's not gonna happen.

    Make 4 visits to the range in a given week with each visit having a purpose.
    Get a warm up bucket (small to medium) and make each one count:
    1st visit: Work on tempo and timing. Only using 7 or 8 iron. Get back into the rhythm. Don't focus on where the ball goes. Focus on contact.
    2nd visit: Work on alignment. Only using a 5 iron and 5 wood. Focus on where the ball goes but don't work on distance control.
    3rd visit: Work on tempo, timing and alignment. Start out with low iron then a 5 iron. Bust out the driver after warm up.
    4th visit: Work on short game. Chip shots and putting only.
    5th visit: Hit the course.

  7. Steve S

    Steve S
    Tuckerton, NJ

    Welcome back! No worries, enjoy the journey.
    Play Well,
    Steve S.

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