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By TonyF

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  1. Since one of the leading Golf Magazines has a story on Golf Injuries, I would fess up to my injury and ask the rest of you to share your stories. It was a beautiful Memorial day afternoon here in So.Cal. Several of my friends and I got into an 18 hole skins game at a local muni course. I was 1 over going into the 5th hole. A short par 3 with water to the right and front of the green. My tee shot was right on target, directly over the flag and for a reason none of us could figure out, as the ball hit the green several feet behind the flag, it took a high bounce and hard right hand turn into the water. After driving up to the green, I took my trusty ball retriever , P wedge and putter. Seeing 2 balls just a few feet into the lake, I retrieved the first one. Nope, not mine. As I stepped down to the edge of the water (something I had done several times before) my feet slipped on the mud and I went face first toward the edge of the water. Now the stupid part. Being that I was wearing Red, White and Blue plaid pants (for Memorial Day), my first thought was, "SAVE THE PANTS!". My arms went out in front of me and they too slid toward the water. As the right arm slid under me, I heard a loud "POP". Instant pain and a dislocated shoulder. Well.....I'm recovering OK so far but the Dr. didn't think I would be back on the course for 3-4 months minimum. The moral of the story. Golf balls are only a couple of bucks a piece. Let'm soak.

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  2. Don O

    Don O
    Madison, WI

    Once I found water moc's live in the banks of water hazards, I don't bother with any ball in the water south of Wisconsin. I don't have to worry about the stress of a 125 mph head speed, but working with a TPI instructor was supposed to have a primary benefit for my game. All the flexibility and core exercises have dramatically improved what was chronic lower back pain. I'd call the game and back improvements mutual benefits.

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