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By Michael L

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  1. Time to retire my old Team Titleist bag tag. Got my New Team Tileist Bag Tag today! New tag looks great! Thanks Team Titleist.

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  2. Dr. Kovatchian

    Dr. Kovatchian

    I'm still sporting the old school white version...I have the heavy metal version as well...
    The black round bag tag is pretty sleek!

    Enjoy the upgrade!

    Dr. K
  3. mj

    Coquitlam, BC

  4. Scott D

    Scott D
    Rumford, RI

  5. Looks good! I am still rocking the white one as well, hoping to get the new one!
  6. Titleist sent one to me when I joined Team Titleist. Keep an eye on the mail, they will send you gifts from time to time.
  7. Good edition to any bag me thinks :)

    Let's see it on the bag

    Thanks for sharing
  8. Being new to this forum, how does one acquire a new bag tag?
  9. I have had the white one for years, and the strap finally wore out. But nothing a rubber band can't fix
  10. Vincent C.

    Vincent C.
    Cincinnati, OH

    Just wait for all the compliments/questions coming your way at the course about it. I feel like every time i play, someone points out my tag.
  11. Congrats, I love my bag tag on my bag. Plus the fact it can used as a hole/cup for putting-chipping-pitching etc. We fortunately have a large putting at my course and I use my bag tag sometimes to create ridiculous short sided shots (or where I want to putt a hole) or place it on greens in practice rounds or whatever while practicing.... I don't know just a cool little side function from a cool looking TT emblem hanging off my golf bag.
  12. Love the look of that new Black tag. Still hoping to get one to go with my new black Titleist Players 14 stand bag!!

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