Tin Cup Moments?

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By Tom B

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  1. Tom B

    Tom B
    Northborough, MA

    Listening to Hank Haney, Michael Breed, David Leadbetter, etc. etc., when they talk about PGA Tour Pros, needing to go all the way, and "......Learn to finish.....". How many of you have had that moment, of "Roy McAvoy" and not finished and blown the career round, or championship?

    Well Romeo, I had my Tin Cup moment again, today. For background, I've shot par and below many, many times, but never gone below 70. Many chances, and needing just one or two pars to make it, out comes the stupid or bad shot, or worse the double man. Lost count of how many times that's happened. Today, it was a definite "Roy McAvoy, Tin Cup" moment. 69 watch on the second to last hole, par 5. Good drive, just a little to the right side. Smart play to hit a 6 iron down to a good full shot lob wedge and try to make an easy par or maybe a birdie going into the last hole. BUT....what if I hit a cut 3 wood (made it yesterday) onto the green with an easy 2 putt birdie. Well, it happened, over cooked the cut, under and against a tree, with the next shot now requiring missing the tree, keeping it below a branch but over a bunker. Yep! The ball buries under the lip and out come the double man. Be trying again in a few days! Shouldn't we learn? How about you?

  2. Don O

    Don O
    Madison, WI

    Being LH and getting into golf when PM was in his major prime, I am incapable of not taking the 10% shot 50% of the time. Once I get lucky, then the odds are closer to 100%. With the attending 90% failure rate. 2 phrases not in my vocabulary are "lay up" and "hit it sideways to get back to the fairway". If the answer came in a bottle, I'd buy a case.
  3. My "Tin Cup" moment is my profile picture, Hawk Hollow in Bath, MI par 5 #15. Duck hook my 1st drive OB. Second tee shot was over cooked to the right and went into a hazard. I'm now dropping 4 and hitting 5, punched a 5 iron to the center of the fairway 150 out. Pulled out an 8 iron and pretty much dropped a ProV1X into the cup for a wonderful 6.

    I don't remember my score, but I'll never forget that 6.
  4. Rick D

    Rick D
    Weston, WI

    I had never broken 70 before and was 4 Under standing on #17 tee. Piped one down the middle. Sucker pin tucked back right, with a breeze quartering into off the right. In stead of hitting PW to the middle, I pulled 9 iron and went for it. Breeze didn't affect the ball, it stayed 10' right, landed on the edge, bounced off into some devilish rough. Made double. #18 is a driveable Par 4. Yep. I went for it. Dad always said "The Lord hates a coward". Landed on the side of the green and bounded off, just into the tree line and an unplayable lie. Another double. It was quite the Even Par round. I'd do it again, too, given the chance during another casual round with friends.
  5. Darryl M

    Darryl M
    Wichita, KS

    I went Tin Cup & Happy Gilmour for a 12 (after a birdie & front 9 of +3 on a 16 hdcp) on a dogleg right par 4. pushed the drive into the trees. I actually had a open shot to the fairway but hit a big branch above came back at me and went about 15yds behind me I then chose to punch out left and chunked it instead about 15yds back to were I began I ran up to the ball at a fast pace, turned and smashed a 7 iron straight toward to left front bunker still thinking I an save this laying 4 I chunk into the bunker then a screamer across the green down the backside into the pond chipped short of green (laying 8) chipped on green then a 3 putt. I shot +5 over the last 7 holes. Yes I broke 90 (39/48) but could have been a really good score on the longest course in town.....
  6. Took my 7 iron out and played some extra holes with my league.... Only the 7 iron.
  7. Tom B

    Tom B
    Northborough, MA

    You guys make me feel good. Partners in stupid is as stupid does. The mind is a terrible thing to waste, but we all seem to be able to manage. Thanks for all the great stories. As was said "........We didn't come to place for no second place Romeo!"
  8. Michael JC

    Michael JC
    Orwell, VT

    Couple of years ago in our Member/ Member tournament, I was 3 under after playing the front 9. Me, 3 under!!!
    One chip in birdie and an eagle on a 5 par. Then the back nine....
    Wheels came off, hopped on the bogey train and others.... wound up shooting a 78.
    Really was not over thinking, but I think I just flat ran out of steam. Swing got weird, ball going...."over there?"
    Have not been close since that day to shooting a personal best.
  9. Justin V

    Justin V
    Milton, MA

    We've all been there...being mentally tough only has something to do with it. I like to think that when you go for it and challenge that low score, there's an equal opportunity t actually pull off the good result. At least thats what I think, my practice and my results dont back up that theory. Ive shot 37 on 9 holes 15 times (and im a ten handicap) and its not a hard course...ends on a par 5 over junk...always go for it in two...and i must have populated the junk with more balls (and aspirations of a sub par nine) than i can remember. Stay strong...

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