Club Cameron Bag

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By Tim H

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  1. Tim H

    Tim H
    St Louis, MO

    I am so proud to start carrying my Club Cameron bag.

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  2. Kathy J

    Kathy J
    Portland, OR

    I get quite a few complements too!
  3. Hotsauce

    Georgetown MA

    If they could throw a stand on there, ditch the stupid strap slider/clip on the back and make the ball pocket a beverage pocket it would be the best bag ever.
  4. joe t

    joe t
    roseville, MI

    I see your sporting the old style bag tag as I am. I got mine last year just before the new style came out. It was just in time because a week before I got it, my old one's strap broke.
    Looks great on the Scotty bag.
  5. golfinnut

    Leesburg, VA

    I was just going to place my order for Club Cameron as well. I like the putter cover & the bag. Easy to tote a few clubs to the practice area at the club. Perfect!
  6. vurich

    First Tee Box

    Looks great, Tyler!
    Play well!
  7. Chris92009

    Cincinnati, Ohio

    Looks great with the bag tag! Enjoy!!
  8. Chris B

    Chris B
    Monroe, LA

    I am still rocking the old style BT. The bag looks great.
  9. Rob_Roth1

    San Diego, CA

    Yeah the bag is great and i use it all the time when I walk.

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