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By Alex

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    How do you mark your Titleist?

    Love playing the No.1 ball in golf and I'm interested to know how you make your ball stand out from the rest?

    I put a small dot on mine (orange at the moment) and a black or red line to help with my alignment on the green.

    Let's see yours


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  2. Frank P
    Port St. Lucie, FL

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    I found a Raspberry Sharpie in Office Max a few years ago, bought a couple and draw a line along the Pro V1 alignment arrow.
  3. WAYNE S
    lubbock, TX

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    Anyone playing the AP3 irons. I am a 10 handicap and have been using 695 MB irons for about 10 years now. Its about due for a new set. I have been testing AP3 and CB's. Any suggestions from anyone as to which might be the better choice. I have hit both and like both very much but my only decision may come to which shaft is available for both shafts I need a regular flex and prefer KBS Tour 90 but was told those aren't available on the CB's but are an up charge on the AP3. Any ideas. Thanks
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    Wayne, I went from the 690 CB to the AP3 irons this year. I have the KBS Tour 90 shafts in mine. I am very happy with the AP3 irons. The hardest thing to get used to was club choice. You are basically a whole club difference by loft. I don't remember the KBS being an up charge when I bought mine though.
  5. Chuck Z
    Mt Pleasant, SC

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    Three blue dots by the number in a triangular shape and I use the dimples to make the triangle. I make no lines on my ball. I tried it once and it just did not help and looked weird. Titleist provides an arrow on the ball to line ball up with and that works for me. I sometimes order them with FJA and the year on them, but normally just order high numbers.
  6. Kevin B
    Los Angeles, CA

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    After a long absence it's great to return here as I've devoted 100% of my time to care for my wife who's been battling for her life with Cancer and is currently in remission thank God!

    Happily, I've been able to find time to golf with her encouragement and support. It's been so wonderful to be back on the golf course and to return to golf.

    She surprised me once again with a new box of Titleist ProV's and had some special markings and our anniversary date of 5-1 hence 51 her name is Rosemary and added the Rose and added a kiss for love. It's my only ball and of course Titleist Pro V1 is my only and favorite golf ball.

    Here's a few photos.
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    Post Image
    Post Image
  7. Dale V
    Escondido, CA

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    Great news Kevin. Hope all goes well. Glad to have you back.
  8. Frank W

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    Good luck! I hope all remains well. Great way to customize your golf balls.
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    I use one red dot below the side stamp.
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    Play ProV1 #63 or #55. Will only mark if someone else is playing the same number.
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    Diamond around the number - I lay TourSoft.
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    I give up - I really can't type today or spell check is making me look more stupid than I am!
  13. Darron K
    Fate, TX

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    My profile photo says it all! :D
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    Blue circle around the number on my Pro V1X.
  15. Dave N
    Lady Lake, FL

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    I circle both numbers in blue and connect them with a blue line.
  16. Ralph C
    Portland, ME

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    I usually don't mark them unless someone in my party's gaming a V1, then it's 3 green dots.
    Bought a bunch of used balls at the Goodwill once, one of them was a Pro V1 that had 3 green dots... I think I bought my lost ball back! Geez...
  17. Vincent C.
    Cincinnati, OH

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    line for putting alignment, and a small v below the number on both sides
  18. Tom B
    Northborough, MA

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    get many of them returned when found
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  19. Edward K
    Wesley Chapel, FL

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    2 Blue dots above the Titleist, slash through the last t in Titleist. 3 golf tees in my pocket, 2 long, 1 short. TPC Tampa marker for my ball. Titleist towel, 1/2 wet, and I must drive the cart. Other than that, I'm just your normal everyday golfer!
  20. Darren B
    Stuart, VA

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    Two blue dots. One on each side of the number.
  21. Jerry M
    Dallas, TX

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    Glad to hear the good news regarding your wife Kevin. Best of luck to you in the future regarding you family. Very cool the backstory behind the number 51!!
  22. Deno
    Hawthorne, NJ

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    One red dot. No alignment lines. I think the tour guys spend too much time marking and aligning before every putt over 3 feet.
  23. pulplvr
    Spring, TX

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    I've put a green dot above the capital T and a blue dot below the final "t" in Titleist for several years, now. I do this on both stock balls and custom ordered balls. My personalized balls have a three line entry: "TED, Team Titleist, FJ Ambassador." Currently using Custom # 74, as both a target score and my (soon to be) age. I will add a small dash by one of the dots to differentiate balls in the event I need to play a provisional.
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    I use a black line for alignment and a red dot on each side of the number on both sides.
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