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By Alex

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  1. Alex

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    Played at Hill Valley on Sunday. Really enjoyed my round only to find my accessory pocket on my golf bag was open and my titleist paper weight wasn't there anymore.

    I rang the course but nothing handed in as yet.

    I know proper random thing to have in my bag but good luck charms come in all shapes and sizes.

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    Panic over!!! I found it stuck down the back seat of my car.

    I think I will leave it at home from now on Haha

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  3. Deno
    Hawthorne, NJ

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    Glad you found it. You need a better hiding
  4. John M
    Aiken, SC

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    That's sweet, but leaving it home is a good idea. I walk and carry, so I carry only a minimum amount of stuff ... 4-5 balls, 12 tees, a ball mark, a divot tool, and my rangefinder!
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    That's really cool looking, what is it? Is it glass? Can you share a couple more pics? That's awesome I want to try and find one somewhere.

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    I think it must be a cut up titleist sign but I'm not sure. It's made of plastic.

    Just really glad I didn't loose it :)

  7. Darryl M
    Wichita, KS

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    That is a cool looking good luck charm, but I agree leaving it at home might the best thing now.
  8. Dave N
    Lady Lake, FL

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    You need to make a necklace out of it , you can keep it with you 24/7. BFG

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