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By ShippyTT

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  1. ShippyTT

    NW Indiana

    Please read till end!

    So I got fit for my clubs about 4 months ago, was super excited because of all the great feed back I was hearing about doing so. After getting fit and all the adjustments, I hit on there monitor and everything seemed to be great, still had my fade but more consistent landing area and no slices.

    Winter Came and I hung up the clubs.

    Last Friday was a sunny 45 degree day in Indiana, which for us means season is breaking open. My buddy and I decided lets get in a simulator to break the rust loose. After hitting a couple irons and see I was pulling the ball more then normal I start to get frustrated, I always had a fade, drives were very ugly, and chipping seemed way long.

    We decided there had to something wrong with the simulator because our drives were going 150 yards and curving left. Decided to walk 4 or 5 wholes and I finally understood why everyone says to get fit! Straight drives splitting the course in half going 250-260, awesome draw on my irons, wedges were sticking!

    End of the day, trust the fitting and hit the ball outside! so excited for this season!

  2. Bill L

    Bill L
    Spring, TX

    In my opinion, hitting off mats can also mislead you on your ball striking.
  3. Speedy

    Newmarket, NH

    Bill L said:

    In my opinion, hitting off mats can also mislead you on your ball striking.

    Have to agree with Bill. been hitting off mats since season ended, playing in a winter golf simulator league. Went to Florida a few weeks, oh man.. Took me a while to adjust.. I've never been a fan of mats but it's the only thing around to keep me loose and swinging.

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