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  1. R


    Is Titleist planning on offering any kind of Military discount anytime soon? With PXG giving 60% and TM and cally both offering 15% it's becoming increasingly more difficult to pass in the deals from other brands. I love Titleist but I also like a deal. Looking forward to a reply.

  2. Bill L

    Bill L
    Spring, TX

    If the price of your clubs is your determining factor instead of performance I really don't know what to tell you. Titleist already supports military causes and has for some time.
  3. Todd T

    Todd T
    San Diego, CA

    That would be interesting.. Wonders what those mentioned are requiring as proof of service.. Either way Im not switching brands!
  4. PXG is only giving that discount on discontinued models, if you want the old stuff, that is a steal.

    I’m not sure about TM or CW but 15% is not much. You can get a coupon for golf galaxy and save more than that on Titleist stuff. I just saved more than that on some Vokey wedges from Golf Galaxy with a coupon.
  5. Chuck Z

    Chuck Z
    Mt Pleasant, SC

    As a disabled veteran, I know that I can get discounts thru retail golf shops that I frequent. If they happen to carry Titleist products then I would be able to get that discount. A sixty percent discount is a heavy discount. Congratulations on being able to get that.
  6. Chuck Z

    Chuck Z
    Mt Pleasant, SC

    On on the PXG, I believe the discount is 50% on their GEN 1 clubs after reading their advertisement.
  7. Frank P

    Frank P
    Port St. Lucie, FL

    Just to clarify, PXG's Military discount includes their Gen 1 equipment, not the current line. There is one current model available at the discount, the super game improvement iron, their slowest selling iron. BTW, I've demo'd PXG at their demo day at my club. Nothing there to make me switch from Titleist. Also, my club discounts equipment 20% to all members ( except png which all accounts are not allowed to discount ). I don't think that many places sell equipment at full retail anymore. Too much competition out there.
  8. Bart van der Does

    Bart van der Does
    The Netherlands

    Hi R,
    I visit Woodlawn Golf Course at Ramstein air base sometimes incl. the Eifel Mountain Golf Course at Spangdahlem air base. Now I spoke to some airman telling me that Woodlawn has package deals with equipment.
    Usually this narrow down the taxes and saves you like 20%. So next ferry flight to ETAR from Hickam Air Force Base should be you and a empty golfbag I guess :P.
    Thanks for your service my friend. If you are in Germany let me know. We can play some golf together.

    Happy swings,

  9. I wish they would too, currently TM and cally offer discounts on clubs, balls, etc through, and pxg offers discounts on clubs via You can get 15-25% off TM and cally, and up to 50% from pxg. But so far nothing from Titleist. I have contacted and veterans advantage to see if they can try to get Titleist onboard. But so far nothing, I do not want to buy those products only Titleist for me
  10. Don O

    Don O
    Madison, WI

    Net price is probably a better barometer than whatever the discount % is. You could same even more buying an M6 now on sale instead of a SIM with a 15% discount. 50% on a Gen 1 PXG is not much less than a new T300. I buy all my Titleist equipment from one of 2 pro shops and one internet outlet for a pro shop in Oregon. I never pay list price. For balls, I haven't found another OEM ball that lists for over $40 a dozen offer a better price than the 4-4-3 Titleist sale that traditionally runs starting in mid-March for urethane balls. Even their prior versions are at that or above.

    If military purchases are the same price as large retailers that are required to sell at a fair trade price for Titleist equipment, I don't know if that is a Titleist or military supply policy. It would be a benefit if the military outlets had the same flexibility as pro shops to set their own price. You'd have to ask/hunt for a better price to find out.

    Being old (69) there is nothing on the rack that works with my game. There isn't a discount that is worth it to me to buy rack stock. Titleist has been a leader in offering custom fittings at pro shops so the value to me is worth any price. Then to find out it cost less at a pro shop than the rack material at a large retailer blew me away.

    We all appreciate your military service. Hopefully you can get the best value with Titleist.
  11. No'l

    Palmdale, CA

    Since you are in military, why not consult the pro shop in the military base and see what your price would be for your new Titleist set. I'm pretty sure it would be tax free. So if you like what the military base pro shop price, you can then attend a Titleist Thursday fitting (for free) and take the specs you got to the base pro shop.
    Hope that helps.
  12. I find it interesting that the general response is “ya if you want old stuff” from PXG. I paid $95 for a driver that came with an evenflow handcrafted shaft. I agree that price shouldn’t be the sole factor in choosing clubs, but there’s nothing wrong with saving a few bucks if you’re in between options. Titleist could be more competitive if they did choose to offer such a discount.
  13. Gary D

    Gary D
    Bolton Mass

    Agree Calloway and TM both offer 15% off for clubs and png also has a military discount also
    Would be nice to see Titleist offer same or similar discounts
  14. I'm retired Air Force and a disabled veteran, and price does matter to some of us. cally and Wilson both offer a 15% discount to military, retirees and veterans. In response to Todd T, is the most common form of verifying service and all you need to provide is your DD-214 or a military ID. Titleist should show some appreciation and do the same,
  15. Chuck Z

    Chuck Z
    Mt Pleasant, SC

    Correct me if I am wrong. I believe PXG if the only manufacturer that sells direct to customers. All others sell thru their retail accounts. If that is the case, then the retail accounts are offering the discounts to veterans. With respect.
  16. Mark J

    Mark J
    Charlotte, NC

    Chuck Z said:

    Correct me if I am wrong. I believe PXG if the only manufacturer that sells direct to customers. All others sell thru their retail accounts. If that is the case, then the retail accounts are offering the discounts to veterans. With respect.

    Pretty sure you can order TM, cally, miz, and Cobra (probably more) straight off their websites.
  17. Chuck Z

    Chuck Z
    Mt Pleasant, SC

    Chuck Z said:

    Correct me if I am wrong. I believe PXG if the only manufacturer that sells direct to customers. All others sell thru their retail accounts. If that is the case, then the retail accounts are offering the discounts to veterans. With respect.

    Interesting. All the brands mentioned you can ordered direct from manufacturer. Kinda cuts out their retail accounts. Only reason I mentioned PXG, saw their ad on TV. Never thought to look online for their sites. Have played all those brands and settled on Titleist a number of years ago and have not looked back. When the new lines come out, I got to a demo/fitting and see if they show improvement and if so I pull out the golf credit card and order them. With respect and I stand corrected. Personally, I like Titleist standing behind it's accounts and not selling on line.
  18. i’m enjoying the extraordinarily defensive reactions to this post. As for a PXG set of irons , it’s not only the discontinued stuff, and the guy who said 15% isn’t a lot, shame on you, it makes a set of P790s go from 1224 plus tax for 4-PW down to under 1080 , bottom line you save about 200 bucks. And you can’t tell me titleist is the best across the board. I love titleist , i’ve never used anything other than Vokey wedges, I have a 907 D2, 909 D comp and 913 D driver and i still use them all depending on what course i’m playing, if it’s wet etc. I’ve always used Pro V1 balls since 2005, before that i used NXT and before that DT Solo. I use their gloves only, hate other gloves, and my beloved Scotty Cameron Red X is never leaving my bag unless i send it out to be refurbished. But you can’t sit here and tell me if you had to decide between cally Apex Forged , TM P790, and Titleist T200s and you are a good golfer and hit all 3 well, 7 iron goes 180-185 for all 3, and hit a slight draw with all 3, and all 3 cost 1300 bucks, but you can save 200 with cally and TM because they show appreciation to military.....

    you are still gonna go titleist?

    Why? because it says titleist?

    Unfortunately it’s not 2006 anymore, other companies have caught up, are they as consistent HELL NO! Nobody ever will be, it’s like Wilson Staff Blades, they’ll always be amazing no matter what. Just like TM Fairway Woods, and Cleveland wedges, cally Putters/ Odyssey, consistency is what keeps people coming back for sure, but price is just as important to 90% of us. Not everyone has 3000 bucks to buy a new set of titleist sticks every 12-24 months. Saving that 200 may be the difference between you getting a new set of vokey wedges or a 3 wood. I know it is for me personally, I still have the same clubs i had in 2008, and i’m purchasing new irons this month. That discount is huge for me, especially when i’ve been gaming Titleist drivers since the 983 and would like to always do so. But when they are charging 500 and the other company goes 6 yards longer such as Cobra , or the exact same distance like miz and Cobra cost 349 and miz 299 , or TM cost 449 and offers you a 67 dollar 15% discount to make it 382. I don’t see why any consumer would choose Titleist unless they have no worries whatsoever financially and are just brand loyal.

    Kinda like how people use G Loomis NRX bass fishing rods that cost 450-500 bucks when they could get a rod that’ll catch just as many fish for 300. Brand loyalty , and being able to show your buddy what you got!
  19. Dale V

    Dale V
    Escondido, CA

    Thank you for your service and have a good day.
  20. Don O

    Don O
    Madison, WI

    Up front, I'm not disparaging any of our military. No on under an O-7 is getting rich in the military, and price is clearly a factor.

    People buy most everything based on value. Which may come down to price as the primary component. In some cases not every vendor can meet every situation. You can't buy a Honda for the same price as a Kia. So if the most important value is price, Titleist can't easily go behind their pro shop dealers and offer matching prices for direct sales. That they don't do this is their commitment to pro shops to act independently. Maybe that model in place since the beginning is becoming outmoded. Pro shops have the option to discount. There may be a PGA pro in a private club that is willing to offer a discount to active military and at least as much as they offer members. I get the club member discount from my fitter even though I don't belong. Just a repeat buyer for 10 years. Large retailers can't discount, so 15% sounds good when compared to them. Getting fit and the club discount has more value to me than a straight discount from list. PXG doesn't offer me enough value in that I am 3 hours from the nearest store and the value for PXG is the customization offered to justify the price.

    For that matter, the current TS drivers are the best value right now. You can still get fit and the list price is -$100 until the next version is released later this fall.

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