What is the #1 goal for your game this year?

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By Mike D., Titleist Staff

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  1. Whether your season is already in full swing or just getting started, we want to know... what is the #1 goal for your game this year?

    Join the conversation and add a comment below. We can't wait to hear what everyone has to say!

  2. Sean N

    Sean N
    Coshocton, OH

    My number one goal for the season is get my family more mentally focused during a round. My son has a hard time starting without a few hiccups early on, then he settles himself and plays great. Myself and my daughter have a hard time finishing a round, play well early but finish up with a few hiccups right at the end. I do believe that each one of us (my family) could improve by 3 - 4 shots per 9 holes if we can work on this! I am thankful for the many different learning resources that Titleist provides, but it is up to each of us to put those into practice.
  3. Limit 3 putts...like to zero! Have shot in the 70s a few times last year and looking to consistently keep it 82 or lower.
  4. Dale V

    Dale V
    Escondido, CA

    Just to have fun and appreciate the days i get to play. These last two months remind me how easily the game can be taken away, either by illness, injury, or outside influences. I will try to appreciate every shot, both good and bad. Wishing you all many more rounds of golf!
  5. No'l

    Palmdale, CA

    1. To have fun and make the best out of each round from being prepared.
  6. Chuck Z

    Chuck Z
    Mt Pleasant, SC

    GOAL; re tune my swing and find that feel. After not playing since the first week of December, I am working on the range in hopes of playing soon and my goal is June. Just getting back to the game of golf would be awesome. You really gain a great deal of appreciation of what the game is all about when you are away from it for an extended period of time: Camaraderie, nature, exercise and having fun. And remembering that golf is just a game. With deepest respect and cheers to all....Chuck
  7. Elson C

    Elson C

    Simply put, having fun, I am finally pain-free, regardless of how good or bad I play, I just want to have fun.
  8. Anthony C

    Anthony C
    Tinton Falls NJ

    Dial in my distances, and master the driver!
  9. My #1 goal for the year is to shoot in the 70's. I didn't do it last year but I was close. Not being able to practice a couple times a week is going to make it hard. I just need to make a few putts and control my misses and I can be there.
  10. I want to maintain a single digit handicap but like Dale I am going to be more appreciative of still being able to play and enjoy the game.

    Semper FI
  11. Number 1 goal is to play as many rounds as possible with my 6 year old son. He loves the game and already has a pretty good swing. Number 2 goal is to get my Handicap back to a single digit. I lose too many shots with 3 putts and not being able to get up and down as consistently as I'd like.
  12. My goal is to shoot mid to high 80’s again.
  13. Eric H

    Eric H
    Ridgway, PA

    Way to pass it on down Jason!
  14. Darryl M

    Darryl M
    Wichita, KS

    #1 goal is:

    Hit my drives near the fairway,

    # 1.5 goal

    Hit my drives more consistent

    Right now I am pull draw left more than a push right, but I don't know when it it is coming. I don't hit enough fairways or near them to enhance my GIR's.

    My iron play is rock solid, hybrids & FW clubs are solid. But to hit a tee shot left with a pull doesn't turn in a good score for the hole. I have broke 90 twice this year, but am used to breaking 90 90% of the time 3 years ago. Since 2017 it's a crap shoot off the tee.

    So driver improvement is my #1 goal & right now it has not improved

  15. Mike M

    Mike M
    Salem MA

    Reduce 3 putts and doubles.
  16. Alex N

    Alex N

    My top goal for 2020 is to break my personal best score of 76. I made a list of goals for the year and so far I’ve met one of my goals which was to increase my fairways in regulation % to at least 60%. I’ve actually hit the goal and I’m at 73% FIR. My other goals consist of meeting 35% greens in regulation, 7 handicap again or lower, and play 100 rounds. The golf course opens back up this Saturday and I’m ready to get back at it!
  17. Tosh.


    I need to get my handicap down but not sure what’s going to happen this year regards comps etc for handicaps.
  18. Tim H

    Tim H
    St Louis, MO

    Just to enjoy the game and all my golf buddy's.
  19. My goal is to finally have my first even par round. My best is a +1, 71. It feels like this is the year.
  20. Joe D

    Joe D
    mantua, OH

    Be more consistent..... I’d like to break 90 as well
  21. David B

    David B
    Marshfield, MA

    Improve my short game, scoring has been decent but I know if I want my handicap to go down finding ways to get up and down and make par is key.
  22. My goal this year is to break 100. I'm sure that's a plateau that most of you passed a long time ago, but it's where my game is right now.

    Driving ranges are closed in MA right now so that means that all the practice I had planned will get shifted to whatever I can accomplish in the back yard.

    Beyond that I'll have to play more. But, I'm confident that if I stay focused I can get more consistent with my play and get myself into the 90s.
  23. John T

    John T
    Youngstown, OH

    To be even more grateful if I get a chance to play
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