Tour Launch Alert: New Titleist TSi Drivers

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By Allan

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  1. Allan


    Team Titleist Staff

    If you are a regular to the forums, you have undoubtedly witnessed recent speculation about new Titleist drivers in 2020. Well Team Titleist, the first glimpses are here!

    Titleist Tour reps are ready to introduce TSi2 and TSi3 drivers for the best players in the world at the Safeway Open and Portugal Masters. Adoption is expected to be massive as we received extraordinarily positive feedback for looks/shaping and notable performance gains during early player testing.

    We could not be more excited to take you under the hood to show you how we have unlocked these performance gains, but you will have to settle for Tour player reactions until we have all aspects of TSi2 and TSi3 100% dialed in.

    We will continue to update this thread with early reactions from Titleist ambassadors as they become available. You can also keep tabs on the TSi product page for official updates and/or follow #ItsATitleist on Twitter, Instagram, and Instagram Stories to track early buzz on social media. We also suggest checking out 

  2. JDobkin

    Los Angeles

    So should I just send Titleist my money now?
  3. William M

    William M
    Kansas City, MO

    Yes, I suspect this is what I'll being doing!
  4. We just gotta figure out how to get our checks directly deposited to Titleist. Then we’ll be set.
  5. David ARK

    David ARK
    Long Beach, NY

    OH.MY.GOD...TAKE MY MONEY RIGHT NOW! Where/when can I get fitted?
  6. Dale V

    Dale V
    Surprise AZ

    Great news. We had wondered when, and even if, the new line would come out given the difficulties of this year. Excited to see them up close as these pictures indicate another win for the Titleist team.
  7. Frank L

    Frank L
    Mission viejo, CA

    These will be out to the public when after the first of the year??
  8. Will you be starting back up titleist thursday? Will these be available at them?
  9. This is going to be fun hitting when they become available!
  10. When does Titleist get these into the hands of us mere mortals ?? I need a new driver,my 917 D2 just came apart internally.
  11. CAME APART!! That shouldn't happen a club should last a lifetime. I be asking for a replacement.
  12. I tried to get it replaced at my local golf shop but they said it was to old.. Bummed
  13. Footjoy16


    Love it.. I'll have one in the bag as soon as possible.
  14. Sean S

    Sean S
    Centreville, VA

    Love the look and I look forward to learning more about these.
  15. JZ

    Glenview, IL

    No more details? Launch characteristics or shape of TSi2 vs TSi3?
  16. Jerry L

    Jerry L
    High Point, NC

    Can’t wait
  17. JAM


    Bring it on Titleist! Always exciting when there is a new product in the pipeline. It's time I take the plunge and retire my beloved 915. I look forward to the updates.
  18. Marc D

    Marc D
    Rye, NY

    Simply can't wait to add these to the bag!!!
  19. Jon S

    Jon S
    Collinsville, CT

    Looks great.
  20. Jim K

    Jim K
    Providence, RI

    First pics look great!
  21. Can’t wait!
  22. Todd T

    Todd T
    San Diego, CA

    Look at those beauties.. I see a fitting at TPI when they're released!!!

  23. Bentron

    Fort Worth, Tx

    Initial looks are making me giddy to hit one!
  24. I can’t wait to get one in my bag!
  25. jeff h

    jeff h
    johnstown, PA

    I’m ready to try this bad boy out .
  26. John M

    John M
    Aiken, SC

    Can’t wait to see more photos. I love the classic look. Is the plan to also offer TSi1 and TSi4 models eventually?
  27. I buy drivers based only on sound and looks. performance difference between drivers among the top manufacturers is splitting hairs. These look fantastic but the sound of the last TS drivers is not what I like. Your ts drivers make a loud crack and I like a dull quiet thud so I use a cobra f9 which is not perfect but is the best available. This is the only club in my bag that is not Titleist because I have such strong feelings about driver sound.
    Post Image
  28. Love the putter cover
  29. BrettP

    Carlsbad, CA

    Team Titleist Staff
    Sound and feel are important...will be interested to hear your feedback after you try the TSi driver :)
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