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By Allan

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  1. Allan


    Team Titleist Staff

    We are excited to share that both Titleist and FootJoy are now the Presenting Partners of the National High School Golf Association and its annual High School Golf National Invitational!

     Public or private, suburban or rural, large or small, we are dedicated to helping all high school golfers, their parents and coaches succeed. This new partnership will help us further our commitment and throughout the next year, we will help the high school golf community with support, educational opportunities, and special purchase programs for products through their local PGA Professional.

    Titleist and FootJoy will also be at the 2021 High School Golf National Invitational at Pinehurst Resort in June to provide memorable experiences for the best high school golfers from across the country.

    We couldn’t be more excited for this opportunity to partner with the NHSGA and we look forward to continuing to help them enrich the high school golf experience.


  2. Abdon M

    Abdon M
    Northern California (because it's a big state)

    @Allan, a good friend of mine is a a teacher at a high school and coaches both girls and boys golf teams. Is this information I could share with him? Kudos to Titleist for supporting our youth sports. Great job!
  3. Allan


    Team Titleist Staff
  4. Abdon M

    Abdon M
    Northern California (because it's a big state)

    Thanks Allan...information has been shared.
  5. Abdon M

    Abdon M
    Northern California (because it's a big state)

    Thanks Allan...information has been shared.
  6. Mitch B

    Mitch B
    Huntsville, Alabama

    Very cool Allan. Would have loved to have something like this when I was in HS.
  7. Elson C

    Elson C

    That is awesome Allan.
  8. Eric H

    Eric H
    Ridgway, PA

    As a HS golf coach for 10 years, this is awesome to see! Gotta support the next generation
  9. Thanks Allan, that is a wonderful partnership, kudos to Titleist. My only regret is it is comes a little over 40 years too late.
  10. Chuck Z

    Chuck Z
    Mt Pleasant, SC

    Love it.
  11. Scott D

    Scott D

    Congrats to Titleist this is absolutely amazing. A great way to promote golf.
  12. Allen L

    Allen L
    Clarington, OH

    Passed along to the sports Director in my area. Thanks Alan ...
  13. Alex N

    Alex N

    I love to see this! The best brands giving back and supporting youth to grow the game! Good work Titleist and FootJoy!
  14. Darryl M

    Darryl M
    Wichita, KS

    Excellent news, anything to help our youth grow in the game is good with me.

  15. John B

    John B
    Kenmore, NY

    Thank you Titleist!!!

    I have been a HS golf coach for the last 18 years (teacher for 31) and I still enjoy it and can't wait for our season to start every September.

    It is great we will be able to get balls and other items for a discount from our local pros - every kid wants Titleist, Pro Vs, Vokeys and Camerons in there bag!!!
  16. Thanks for the info, I love it.

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