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By ryan r

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  1. ryan r
    largo, FL

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    I'm looking for jobs to become a club rep or any part of the marketing department.  I'm 25, have a pretty solid resume, played college golf, know a ton about the products and i'm willing to work for free to get my foot in the door.  Can anyone on the forum or Titleist Mods here point me in the right direction to move forward.  thanks



  2. Team Titleist
    Fairhaven, MA

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    Hi Ryan,

    Here's a link to help point you in the right direction. Good luck with the search!

    - Team Titleist 

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    Titleist Staff,

    I am looking at what jobs are available for me in the golf industry, i am a keen golfer and currently play off of 6.6 and i am 17 years old at college in the UK. I realise that i will need to get my handicap down a considerable amount before applying for a major job but i am really only looking to see what jobs are out there in the golf industry. 
    I like the idea of becoming a fitting specialist or a brand representative, could you possibly tell me what requirements are needed in order to apply for this job?

    - Harry 

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    Hi Harry,  I would look at the Acushnet UK site at their employment opportunities.  It may be that they use college interns so you can see what it is like before you graduate. 

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    Hi, I'm Tyler a keen young golfer who plays off +2, I'm looking for a job with Titleist in testing or club rep, I'm happy to work free.
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    Hi TT, I'm Tyler a young golfer who plays off +2, with a solid resume, I've represented my club in many golf tournaments and have been using Titleist clubs since I started playing golf, and they have not let me down. I would like to get a job at Titleist trying out equipment and I'm willing to work for free.

    Thanks Tyler
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    Hi Tyler, Thanks for posting! I forwarded your note to our Australian office and they should be reaching out to you shortly.
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    im a junior golfer from Arizona, I love your guys clubs and I play the pro v1 and vokey wedges and have played a titleist driver before. I have a handicap of about 2, I have attended 5 junior world tournaments and I am a local state champion. would you be interested in sponsoring me?
  9. DLeong
    Melbourne VIC

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    Hi, I'm 28 and would love to be able to work for Titleist. Wouldn't say that I'm an awesome golfer but definitely love the brand and the equipment that was produced from you guys.
  10. BWarner
    burhill golf club

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    hi i am looking at becoming a titleist rep on demo days as such so public can try your equipment but dont know how go forward with this. england based jobs
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    Hi I am currently a business development manager(sales) and prior to that a qualified PGA professional. I have been involved in sales for the last 10 years but after a break am Keen to get back into the golfing industry again. I would be grateful of any opportunity's that arise. Many thanks

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