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By Allan

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  1. Allan


    Team Titleist Staff

    The number of golfers adding TSi drivers to their bags is staggering. Week in and week out, TSi is the #1 model in play on Tour and TSi1, TSi2, TSi3, and TSi4 have all found the winner's circle on either the PGA or LPGA TOUR. Most impressively, more free agents than ever are playing a TSi driver as well. 

    Less surprisingly, tons of Team Titleist members have made the jump to TSi as well. Now that a majority of you have racked up some rounds with the new driver, we'd love to hear your thoughts and experiences with your TSi.

    Please share your experiences below!

  2. Darius V

    Darius V
    Barrie, ON

    Okay - Like you I read all the hype about the new metal in the TSi heads. I also read all the information on how the new design was focussed on maximizing performance. I had my 917 D2 driver and although I liked it, I just knew I had to try out the new TSi line. After my fitting I was so impressed that I immediately placed my order with my pro shop for a new TSi2. My new TSi2 is helping me hit more fairways than I did with my D2. I have also hit drives (on occasion) as far as I did 10 years ago in my mid 50's :) What makes this more amazing is that my shaft is 1/2 inch shorter than it was with the 917 D2 ! Obviously the shorter shaft is helping me control the dispersion better, but normally one would think that the shortened shaft would cost me distance. Definitely not the case with the TSi2.... I love this club as it helps build more confidence which ultimately carries over into other aspects of the game ! If you were thinking of a new big stick - this is a club that begs to be tested.

  3. Played a 983E years ago and when the TSi series launched I ordered the TSi3 immediately. Love the looks, sound, and distance. It’s also the best combination of forgiveness and workability that I’ve ever played. I’ve hit the TSi3 in testing along side a Sim2 and it’s superior in every way with the biggest win being dispersion. While I’m tempted to try the tsi4, I don’t see where it would be an on the course advantage for me. Great product!
  4. Eric H

    Eric H
    Ridgway, PA

    I added mine this spring, TSI3. It was a seamless transition from the TS. i have really liked this clubbed.
  5. Had a TS2 that was less than a year old. I really like the club, good set up and shaft combination. Just for grins I did a fitting of the new TSi drivers with no intention of but one given the relative newness of my TS2. Sometimes this can lead to a better fitting experience as the only way it goes in the bag is if it was far and away better than the current gamer.

    As it would turn out, it was. I went to the TSi3 head and customized the set up to stop the occasional high right flare. Now I can hit my baby fade, knowing the ball is not going left at all.

    The TSi line is amazing. My son has the TSi2 and hitting his is better than the TS2. I really enjoy hitting my driver whenever I can. While I can’t draw it as easily, I can sure as heck hit it through a tight shoot off the tee and find a narrow fairway.
  6. Abdon M

    Abdon M
    Northern California

    I've had my TSi2 since November 2020 and all I can say is "Wow!" The biggest improvement I've noticed with the TSi2 in my bag are my misses off the tee are less penalizing; it doesn't hurt that it gave me a bit more length off the tee. I can't over emphasize enough about the importance of getting properly fitted. For me, I've been using a firm/stiff shafted driver for years if not decades. In the past, I wouldn't look beyond a firm/stiff shaft because I believed I didn't have the swing speed to support anything stiffer. When I got fitted by on of the Titleist staff member from Oceanside, he had no preconceived ideas of what I needed other than saying, "Let's hit a few drives and go from there." To make a long story short, I ended up getting fit with an x-stiff shaft and I'm amazed by the results. There is so much tech in the TSi series and with the combination of shafts available, I really believe there's a driver that will work for everyone.

    Believe in the tech and get fit properly!
  7. I have had my TSi2 now for a few weeks and absolutely love it. I am hitting it LONG AND STRAIGHT. At 62 it is nice to be able to reach some shorter par 5s in two again. My buddies may become converts as I am hitting 7 iron in while they are pulling a hybrid.
  8. scott h

    scott h
    dracut, MA

    I just got my TSI1 driver and I am hitting longer than I have in years ! Hitting more fairways it feels so good to swing
    a lighter club and pick up 20 yards . I like it so must that I bought the TSI 1 3 wood and loving that club to.
  9. Chuck Z

    Chuck Z
    Mt Pleasant, SC

    Was fitted for mine on May 20th and loved the feel and the reaction. Cannot wait for it to get here and put it thru the test on the course. It passed during the fitting and I see good days ahead. The TSi3 will be in the bag shortly. Will continue the story with on course results.
  10. Darryl M

    Darryl M
    Wichita, KS

    I got fitted for mine Tsi2 back in October & got fitted back into a stiff shaft instead of a regular flex as well. So after many rounds in 2021 with my Tsi2.

    I'd say the feel off the club face & sound has been the biggest surprise. My drives are a better ball flight & have gained around 8 more yards off the tee. Initially I faded it a lot when I first started hitting it (figured it was the stiffer shaft), but now I am back to hitting my usual draw and loving it.

    I played the 915 D2 before this one so there are many differences I see & feel.

    I have never played a better driver before this one

  11. I got the TSi3 as soon as it was released. I had been waiting to upgrade from my TM M4. The TSi is a beautiful classic look but packed with all the tech. Simply put it's amazing.
  12. I had a chance to hit the TSi series last Fall at the TT event at Sand Valley. While the weather was less than desirable on the morning we hit them, the impression they left was unmistakable. I ordered my TSi3 shortly after returning from Sand Valley and have loved hitting it from the start. The immediate differences I noticed where the sound was much more muted or solid sounding and the combination of the new face and weighting system makes the club incredibly more forgiving on mishits. Without a doubt, the best driver Titleist has ever brought to market!
  13. Scott D

    Scott D

    I was fitted for a TSi3 Driver and TSi2 3wood with Graphite Design AD DI5 shafts. The Driver has been great added length and accuracy. The 3 wood has also increased the distance. Both clubs are incredible and more forgiving with my mishits. I have used Titleist for years and these are the best they have ever produced.
  14. Hotsauce

    Georgetown MA

    I've been gaming the 913 since, well 2013 It's a phenomenal driver, workable, reliable, long, beautiful - and now it's in my basement.
    The TSi is the real deal. I hit my first one in the dead of winter (it was my buddies), and signed up for a fitting the next week. The first ball I hit with it on the range flew my 913 ball. After dialing in the shaft I couldn't help but place the order. I love the TSi so much I've even picked up the 13* fairway wood, as it is also an absolute rocket launcher.
    If you're on the fence, give it a try. TSi is unreal.
  15. Dane C

    Dane C
    Minneapolis, MN

    @Hotsauce. Hello there, fellow 913D3 lover here... Question for you, how does sound and looks compare between your 913D3 and the new TSi's? I'm in love with the compact shape of this old driver! Finally, someone with 913D3 experience I was looking for! This post is music to my ears (and my carry number)!

    Last fall, my Dad's old college buddy gave me his barely used 913D3 (Diamana+ White 72 S) and the improvement absolutely blew my mind. I'd spent two seasons w/ his original Cleveland Launcher 460 Titanium (from 2004 hahah). I couldn't keep that thing on the planet, but now I've found the magic bullet: This 913D3 is beautiful, majestic sounding, compact, and low enough spin for me to manage my cut!

    I think your experience tells me that theres still more for me to gain, just from being properly fit in the first place I suppose hahah.
  16. Hotsauce

    Georgetown MA

    I’ve hit every Titleist driver since the 913, and never made the switch until now. I absolutely love the compact pear-shaped head, and it’s got that classic Titleist whaaack sound.
    It’s still workable but mishits are light years better.
    Give it a whirl and I don’t think you will be disappointed
  17. Chris B

    Chris B
    San Diego

    I had a cally and my TSi2 gave me about 15 additional yards and much tighter dispersion. Love that driver.
  18. RDICKS

    Menlo Park, Calif

    I got fitted this past Sunday at The Golf Mart in San Bruno, Calif. The TSi1 was quite effective for this slow-swinging senior. Better launch numbers and more yards. Tomorrow, I am pulling the trigger and purchasing, then will play with it for the first time this coming Saturday. I will report back afterwards, but I think I'm going to be very happy. Really excited.
  19. Jeff M

    Jeff M
    North Carolina

    I got fit for my TSi2 back at launch, my club had a fitting day so I took advantage. I was hitting a 915 D2 before. I saw a few yards gained in distance but nothing crazy, the crazy part was the dispersion improvement. The big right miss was always lurking with the 915, but I felt like I could swing as hard as I wanted with the TSi2 and it went straight. I know it was mostly down to the shaft, but the new clubhead fit my eye really well too so it was a no brainer to order. Now I don't give it a second thought pulling driver on a tight hole or when I need to hit a draw; it's easy to do.

    Also my fitter was named Jeff as well, so that was cool. Very friendly and knowledgeable guy too.
  20. Robert C

    Robert C

    I tested the TSi2 for a another Golf Forum last fall. I had a few rounds in with it before falling ill, that shut me down for several months. I went for a fitting by 2nd Swing, one of the best full service fitters in our area. The fitting was very beneficial.

    The results were the TSi2 with the KK 50g Shaft. It was everything I counted on a fairway finder and gave me a bit more ball speed than I was getting with my current driver at the time. And the sound, oh the sound. Hands down the best sounding driver on the market IMO

    When the TSi1 was released early in the year, I ordered one right away, even though I wouldn't be playing for a few more months. Based on my previous TS1 I knew it would be great for me. I wasn't wrong, with the lighter weight Aldila Ascent shaft, it felt very much like my TS1. I have lost quite a bit of strength due to the illness and not fully recovered but having played 3 or 4 rounds with it, I can tell when I do make it fully back, it will pick up where the TSi2 left off and probably even a bit more speed and distance.

    So nothing but stellar reviews for both the 1 and 2 in my experience.
  21. I got the TSi4, even though I was fitted for a TSi2 (TSi4 not out yet). I knew the low spin option would really work for me and it has. My issue with the driver has always been high spin. I'm hitting driver as far or farther than I was 10-12 years ago. It did take some time to dial in the head with the right shaft though.
  22. Just got a driver fitting for the first time yesterday. Ended up in a TSi2 with a stiff shaft but 10 grams lighter than my TM driver that I traded in. What a beauty of a driver! Beautiful to look at, and what a difference in the dispersion of my shots! Stoked to get out and try it tomorrow, thinking of picking up a Scotty Cameron Del Mar that I tried out at the store, just a pure putter!
  23. ADeLucia

    Clayton NC

    I recently got fitted for the new TSI driver. I was kind of reluctant at first because I absolutely loved my previous TS2. After going through my fitting I realized how much of a mistake that was. I decided to go with the TSi 2 with the Tour AD IZ shaft. Not only did I gain 5 yards of carry and 10 yards total, I was able to maximize my launch conditions to optimize spin and ultimately narrow my shot dispersion significantly. I'm still waiting on it to come in but I cant wait to put it in play!
  24. Chuck Z

    Chuck Z
    Mt Pleasant, SC

    Love the new TSi3. Love the carry and the accuracy when hit in the center of the club. Even the mishits keep it in the short grass. We have been having some tropical weather lately and the ball has not been carrying as I expected but it has been keeping up with my previous model, which is awesome. Which means when drier condition prevail, the new club will produce some awesome drives down the middle. I made the right decision going with the TSi3 with the Fujikura Speeder Tour Pro 64S shaft. A great shaft for this senior golfer. A great fit from a great fitter at Lowcountry Golf in Mt Pleasant, SC.

    Am now testing the TSi2 fairway on the course and feel that it might go in the bag any day. Testing a 16.5 vs my previous 917f 15.0 and getting same distancing. Needed more height. Like the pop and the accuracy.
  25. Chuck Z

    Chuck Z
    Mt Pleasant, SC

    The fairway (TSi2) is a permanent fixture in my bag. Glad I made the jump from the 917 driver and 917 fairway. I loved those clubs and hit them well, but the new TSi metals are far superior to those. Hope to have them broke in by September. Thanks to R&D for presenting such a fine product. =)
  26. Chuck Z

    Chuck Z
    Mt Pleasant, SC

    While my driver was on order, my fitter let me use a demo head on my current shaft. That combination worked extremely well. When my new driver arrived last week it seemed that that shaft was not longer available and it was upgraded to the newer model Speeder 661 TR S, POW and WOW. I can handle that. The accuracy with the TSi3 head and that shaft is finding a lot of the middle of the fairway, when you are lined up correctly. I can understand why the TSi drivers are the choice of the pros. Only one problem, it seems to rain a lot in Charleston lately. I need to get on the course more often. I can see a lot more distance once the fairways dry out. These fairways are plush, but am still leaving the competitors behind. =) Another round of thanks to Titleist.......
  27. Chuck Z

    Chuck Z
    Mt Pleasant, SC

    Did make one adjustment to the loft and went with the A4. My driver is a 10* and reset it yesterday at 11.50* and found the loft I needed. Seemed to work real well. Found 8/9 fairways with the driver. I used my TSi 16.5 fairway on certain par fours and was 2/3 and 1/2 with my older hybrid. The new layout requires a lot of course management with new sand traps and a burn running down the middle of the fairway at a 45* angle. Really like the new Fujikura 661 TR shaft. Becoming great friends with the new combination. The TSi metals are far exceeding what I expected. Great R&D. As we say here in the deep South, "you done good". =)
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