Get Ready for the 2023 Team Titleist Invitational

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By Lisa M

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  1. Lisa M

    Lisa M

    Team Titleist Staff

    Where are we going? What are the dates? And when can we register for the 2023 TT Invitational?

    These questions have been popping up lately and we know you all are anxiously awaiting some news, so here is the quick update...

    Rest assured, the team has been hard at work behind the scenes finalizing a location and securing a date for the event. The good news is that we are essentially locked in and we couldn't be more excited about where we are headed this year. We have a few more boxes to check on our end before we can share more details and open up the reservation lines... but we are really close.

    So, keep an eye on the forums and bookmark the TT Events page because the big reveal is just days away. In the meantime, feel free to make your best guesses below and stay tuned! 

  2. Todd T

    Todd T
    San Diego, CA

    Love it!!
  3. Todd T

    Todd T
    San Diego, CA

    Gotta be West, last two were on the East Coast!!!!
  4. Steve R

    Steve R
    Madison AL

    Cannot wait!!! Thanks Lisa


    Augusta National hehe
  6. Guy W

    Guy W
    Statesville, NC

    Ha Ha!! I'd be down for playing Augusta a couple times. Throw in Champions Gate for the third after seeing it on the ANWA broadcast this week.
  7. Guy W

    Guy W
    Statesville, NC

    Champions bad
  8. Guy W

    Guy W
    Statesville, NC

    Was starting to wonder. I think you guys were just building up the anticipation. Location could be anywhere west of say Indiana since we have been on the east coast the last two years. But if I have to put money on it, I am going to stick with my guess last year. I'm saying upper midwest or somewhere in the Scottsdale area. Of course I was wrong last year sooo.... Looking forward to the announcement.
  9. Maybe Las Vegas!?
  10. Chris92009 said:

    Maybe Las Vegas!?

    Sounds good!
  11. pulplvr

    Spring, TX

    Am anxiously awaiting the news, Lisa.
  12. Alex N

    Alex N

    Wherever it’s going to be it’s going to be epic! Thanks for all of your hard work to get this planned, team!
  13. Been to the last 2 ready to go again can’t wait
    Great event even though Mother Nature didn’t help last year
  14. kathleen h

    kathleen h
    mesa, AZ

    I’m hoping it’s in the west - AZ, CA, NV.
  15. Abdon M

    Abdon M
    Northern California (because it's a big state)

    This is exciting! Since last year's TTI was in Florida, my guess is a southwest location...AZ or TX. @lisa, thank you and your team for all the BTS work you do to make this event happen for all of us!
  16. Robert C

    Robert C

    Abdon M said:

    This is exciting! Since last year's TTI was in Florida, my guess is a southwest location...AZ or TX. @lisa, thank you and your team for all the BTS work you do to make this event happen for all of us!

    Abdon with the spot on guess! Well played Sir!
  17. Chuck Z

    Chuck Z
    Mt Pleasant, SC

    I am sure it will be exciting and a great golf destination that will offer some fun filled days of golf and fellowship. Kudos to the planners and all involved. =) =) =) =) =)

    As to the weather, **** happens. Hurricanes on the east coast, tornadoes in the mid west and rain/fire/wind on the west coast. Choose your poison. With the craziness of it these days, might even run into some snow in the fall. If we were to go to the North East. =)
  18. West coast would be incredible. Sleeper would be Hilton Head area. Very much want to be a part of it this year though…can’t wait!
  19. Thomas Y

    Thomas Y
    Wenham, MA

    Waiting for 'the reveal'! Like others, I would anticipate a location in midwest or west. How about something such as Sand Hills in Nebraska!
  20. This better not be an April Fools Day prank !!!
  21. Joseph E

    Joseph E

    maybe.... Western Pennsylvania? That would be GREAT!
  22. Where ever they go it will be Great time :))
  23. greg p

    greg p
    Chicago 'burbs, IL

    Been waiting for this. Thanks, Lisa.
  24. Fred L

    Fred L

  25. Don O

    Don O
    Madison, WI

    Don’t get your hopes up. Municipal courses don’t offer good tie-ins for lodging and meals. A strong pro shop relationship with Titleist is a bonus.
    Bethpage does off more than 1 course. Would Sleepy Hollow have 2 courses?
  26. Don O

    Don O
    Madison, WI

    Based on prior events, looks like a resort with more than 1 course is a minimum requirement.
    PGA West meets the course requirements. Sand Valley has both. Nice if they would allow access to The Lido.. Cabot Links is another but needs a passport.
    Pebble Beach would be expensive. Bandon still has courses we haven’t played through Titleist.
    Mountain Top in the Ozark is another.
  27. Military
    I'll put my money on Las Vegas, but no matter where it's held, I have no doubt it will be a first class experience!
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