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By Allan

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  1. Allan


    Team Titleist Staff

    Are you one of the thousands of golfers who have already experienced New T-Series irons with a trusted Titleist club fitting expert? If so, we would love to hear about it!

    This is the official thread where you can share your Titleist irons fitting experience. Let us know your thoughts on the New T-Series lineup specific to look, feel, and performance. Already added a set of New T-Series irons to your bag? Let us know which ones and why.

    If you are interested in experiencing New T-Series irons with a Titleist Fitting Expert, look for a Titleist Club Fitting near you with our Fitting Locator Tool here:

    *Please note: to keep this thread specific to golfers who have experienced New T-Series irons through a Titleist Fitting, other comments and replies may be moved to the general T-Series discussion thread here:

  2. Military
    I was invited to test out and get fit for the new T-Series irons. I have been an avid user, have had all of the T-Series Irons, T100S 2019 and T100s/200 Combo 2021. This year I went in with an open mind and let the fitter help me get setup properly. I expected to be fit into the T150 and perhaps the T200 irons. I didn't expect what happened would have happened! I was fit as follows T150 P/9/8, T200 7, T350 6/5. My shaft changed to an X flex shaft at 105g. I was in awe, as I didn't expect this outcome. My new clubs arrived swiftly, less than a week from the time I ordered them. I was on the course 2 days later (had a big tourney and wasn't ready for anything new till that point). I wish I hadn't waited. I went to the range and tried my new gear, dialed in my yardages and found out quickly that these new sticks were straight, long, and accurate! I've had them in the bag for about a month now, and I'm very impressed. I love the feel at impact, I love the look, I love the weighting and overall I love knowing I have the best product on the market in my bag. As always, lookign forward to what's next to come!
  3. Abdon M

    Abdon M
    Northern California (because it's a big state)

    Looking forward to seeing those sticks in action.
  4. I was fitted for the t350s and received them it is an incredible upgrade. I gained workability and distance with the same exact swing. Already told my wife she's going to have to bury me with these irons!
  5. Had an awesome time with Ben at my fitting. Thought I’d be a candidate for the T-350 but after trying all 4 of the new T-Series irons, the T-200 was by far my favorite. Forgiving like a cavity back but feels like a blade. An incredible set.

    Ben let me try pretty much every combo of shaft weight, shaft length, and lie that I was a candidate for. Ended up with +0.5” on the length, 2 degrees upright, and 120 gram X-stiff shafts. I feel like I swing slower but get more distance and less fade on the ball now.

    I couldn’t really hit the T-100 and T-150 consistently, and found the T-350 to be surprisingly bulky, almost hybrid-like in some of the clubs. So happy with my 200’s and love showing them off to my buddies.
  6. Got fit a few weeks ago for the new T100s and I loved them. I put my order in as soon as I could and I'm counting the days until I get them. They looked good, felt solid, and made that forged sound on contact. For the first time ever, I went with a combo set and ordered the 3 and 4 irons in the T150s.
  7. Jay H

    Jay H
    Charlotte, NC

    I have a wonderful experience and fitting with Garrett. He was thorough and worked with me to find the perfect set up. After several rounds, we landed on the T200s and I couldn't be more pleased. My iron game has already improved after only a few rounds with them in the bag. Outstanding experience and would do it again!
  8. Fitting Report: Let me start off with the fitting experience…TOP NOTCH!!! My fitter Trevor Davis was phenomenal. I had a little performance anxiety to start and he was patient and encouraging. He made few tweaks and got me ready for the Tour lol. He fit me into the T150 Irons (5-PW) AMT Black Shafts, T200U (4i) Tensei Blue Hybrid shaft. I’ve gotta say I’m loving the blended set.

    Range Report: T150 Irons (5-PW) AMT Black Shafts, T200U (4i) Tensei Blue Hybrid shaft.
    The T-150 Irons felt like butter. Up until now I played the 2019 T200 (PW-4i) and these are hands down even better. The T150 is just as forgiving and I saw very little difference in distance drop off. Toe strikes are responsive yet still feel good on contact. The flight window was about equal to my 2019 T200 right where you want them. Did I forget to say how butter they are!!!
    T200U 4i felt like a rocket Launch was amazing and flight window was as high as my 7i. I could really feel the Max Impact Technology with each strike. I liked my 2019 T200 4i, I’m in love with my Gen 3 T200U 4i.
    Without question the best looking irons of 2023. Cheers to all my TT Family. Titleist knocked the T150 out of the park ‍♂️

    Course Report: Was nervous about the first round in my new set up but my first approach shot on the first hole removed all doubt. Three a dart from 145 out and just missed birdie on my follow up putt. Love these irons. I’ll be gaming them for a while. Forgiving as all get out and easy on the eyes. Thank you Titleist!!!
  9. So far have having my new T100 in the bag, it has been an amazing experience. From the fitting and making sure the shaft choice was dialed, to the clean and sleek look of the irons, these are a game changer. They are butter! I have a good number of rounds under my belt now and I feel the consistency as well as the confidence in the control. I’m not joking, it’s like I’m not even hitting a ball they are so smooth. Great job on these!
  10. Abdon M

    Abdon M
    Northern California (because it's a big state)

    Loving my new T350 irons!

    I completed my fitting with the Titleist Fit team in early July and the new irons arrived in less than a week. My fitter, Patrick M, went through the whole line of the new T Series irons, taking the time to see which worked best. Using Trackman and my preferred golf ball, ProV1x; the T350 was producing the best numbers in the 3 D's category: Distance, Dispersion and Descent angle.

    Unlike other game improvement irons out there, I find that the Titleist iron design team hit the bullseye by putting together an iron line that looks and feels great. My prior irons were the 2021 T100s and I like how the T350 addresses the ball like my old T100s. There was no hesitation on my part to add these new irons to my bag.

    Beyond the look and feel, it's how these new clubs perform in my hands during casual and competitive rounds that will validate my decision to change to the new T350. After a month with the clubs, I've recorded one team competition victory and placed 1st in a flight of another team competition. I have a few more tournaments to close out the year and I'm looking forward to more successes with the new T350 irons.
  11. I had a wonderful opportunity to test the new Titleist T series in July. Getting fit for the new Titleist T-series was an exciting experience and glad I took advantage of this opportunity. Walking into the fitting session, I met my Titleist fitting expert Steve who not only possessed an in-depth understanding of the T-series technology but also an eagerness to tailor the clubs to my unique swing dynamics. Even though I didn’t swing my best, the few good shots help identify the optimal combination of irons and shaft. As each adjustment was made, I could feel the impact on my shots – the effortless power, the shot trajectory, and consistency. Not only do they look amazing but feel great! The fitting wasn’t just about acquiring golf clubs; it was an education in understanding how the new T-series can amplify my strengths and mitigate my weaknesses. Playing with my custom-fit T200's, I have a newfound confidence in my game.
  12. eric61

    Lisle, IL

    I'll jump in. I did a Titleist fitting and was fitted into T150s with X100 shafts. I haven't ordered them yet -- there are a lot of new irons coming out and I want to test more first -- but as of right now I'm leaning toward it.

    Overall, the new lineup is great. The T150 is an especially impressive iron. Terrific shape, super forgiving, feels fantastic. I really, really like it, and think a ton of people could play it. I'll probably order it at some point. As a lefty, I wasn't able to hit 5 irons to see if I'd want to do a combo set, but would likely want to go that route at the 4/5 iron spots. I currently play i230s and found the T150 to launch slightly higher despite the 1 degree stronger loft in the 7 iron.

    I also hit the T200 quite a bit and thought that while it was still a little firm and clicky, it was a really big improvement on the previous version. I really try to avoid bunching on the long end, so the combo set I'm leaning toward to maintain 4 degree static loft gaps while relying on the design differences to help with launch is a T350 4 iron, T200 5 iron, T150 6-GW.

    The Titleist fitting experience was also great. I appreciated being able to do it on real grass and with ProV1s, which are the ball I play, rather than range balls.

    I'll share three observations that I hope are taken as honest efforts at constructive feedback from my own perspective -- not sure if others will agree with me on these or not, but I don't want to come off too critically of a release that I really like overall.

    First, I did find the T150s to be diggy on soggy Midwestern turf. I'm about -5 AoA and I felt like I was getting a bit stuck post-impact. A preworn leading edge would be a massive, massive help. (However, I could also easily see myself feeling differently if I played on firmer conditions! Can't please everybody.)

    Second, while I'm a total believer in blending irons, I was confused by the decision to go with a chrome finish on the T350 and T200 and a satin finish on the T150 and T100. To me, it makes a blended Titleist set look a little disjointed compared to competitors such as the forthcoming Apex lineup or the P7 series, where the irons more clearly belong to the same family. Probably not a big deal to most; just something that stood out to me.

    And third, as somebody with a nagging old wrist injury that gets aggravated by driving range mats, Titleist's lack of heavier graphite shaft options is a bit of a bummer. The heaviest graphite option available was the Steelfiber i110. I've noticed some manufacturers moving toward offering some heavier options -- cally with the Recoil Proto 125s, TM with MMT 125s, png and PXG have the Steelfiber FC 115s and so on. I'd love to see Titleist add some of those options to their lineup.

    These are minor points, though, and overall, I was extremely impressed with the new T-series and think I'll wind up with a set in my bag for 2024.

    I also hit the hybrids at the end of the fitting and could see myself winding up with a TSR3 21 degree, too! But that's a different conversation.
  13. SOrzech Jr

    SOrzech Jr
    Chicagoburbs, IL

    I recently gamed the 2019 T200’s, 4-Gap, AMTr300 shafts, GP midsize +4 grips. Handicap at 5. Went and got fitted by Titleist fitter and was fitted for the T150’s, 5-Gap (never really use my 4i, so kept my T200). Fitting experience was excellent - top notch for sure! Ended up with same shafts, same grips, clubs bent 1 degree flat this time to get me more on target and reduce draw. Ordered them on the spot at the fitting. Clubs shipped 3 days later and I was gaming them within hours.

    Results so far are amazing. They are night and day different from the 2019 T200’s I was playing. Ball is not as hot off the face and they feel buttery smooth. Most of all they are super sexy and I feel confident over the ball every time. Despite losing some loft on each club, the Titleist technology allowed be to keep the same carry distances with these T150’s, increase spin and landing angle. Just incredible that I haven’t had to make any adjustments.

    High fives to the Titleist team for developing an incredible set of irons for gamers like me. I’m very excited to see where these take my game.
  14. Had a great fitting with Steve McCartha at the end of July. Was only planning to replace my SM7 wedges, but left really impressed with the T-series irons. I went 5i-pw+48* in the T150 and a 3i T200 (with a Tour AD IZ hybrid shaft... Kind of a 3 1/2 iron).

    Compared to my 2019 Apex Pro Dot irons, I had a consistently higher flight, more ball speed and more spin. A welcome upgrade.

    With a few range sessions and one round on the course with the new clubs, I'm excited about being able to execute shots where I previously had gaps in my setup.
  15. James N

    James N

    I was fit back on July 17 by Alan Glickman. It was the first time doing an outdoor fitting on grass. The whole Titleist fitting team was welcoming and a pleasure. We started with T200, but the T150 irons had better turf interaction. Then we fine tuned the loft and lie after locking in the AMT Red shafts. Best thing about the fitting was Alan’s overall attitude. He didn’t rush me was about getting me the best clubs for my game. I’ve been through fittings that felt rushed and more focused on selling me a product instead of truly helping my game.

    As far as the T150 irons, they have been amazing for the two rounds I’ve been able to use them (too much work travel…). I was initially worried coming from Apex CF19 that the less offset, and more player profile would be intimidating. But that hasn’t been the case at all, the less off set has removed my concern of going left. The T200s had a similar “fast” feeling face as my old Apex CF19s. Where as the T150 where more solid, firm, forged feeling face. Where you know if you hit a solid strike, and the club gives you what you put into it.
  16. Hello, I took advantage of the opportunity to get fit for the new Titleist T Series irons on July 27. I arrived at my fitting about 15 minutes early and was greeted by several Titleist staff members. I gave them my name and was introduced to my personal fitter, Conner Jones. It was a very laid back experience and Conner guided me to my hitting station advising me to loosen up. After hitting balls for 10 - 15 minutes, I told Conner that I was ready. Conner asked what irons I was interested in and I told him the T150 since I was currently playing the T100s irons. He asked me to hit my current 7 iron to a target that we had agreed on. After I hit 5 shots, he asked if they were my normal ball flight, etc. He captured those with Trackman and told me that his objective was to get my flight a little higher and my spin a little higher. We worked with 5 different shafts in the T150 irons and after each shaft option, we discussed my thoughts on feel and reviewed the Trackman results. After we decided on the correct shaft for me, I had gained 5 - 8 yards in carry distance and my dispersion was much tighter. Conner suggested that I go with a different 4 iron and we worked through the same process and decided on a U505 utility 4 iron. The entire fitting process was an excellent experience. The district manager was stopping by to check in on me during the fitting process and Conner Jones did an excellent job, never trying to sale me on anything.
    After the fitting, I received several emails with the Trackman results of all the clubs/shafts hit during the fitting. I also received emails with my order confirmation and emails during the build process on the status. I received my new irons within 2 weeks. Due to some traveling, I have only played my new irons 3 or 4 rounds, but they have been excellent clubs. I love the fact that I was able to get them prior to their release in the retail outlets. My fellow golf friends are like, how did you pull that off.
    Thanks Titleist and Conner Jones!
  17.  DesigningLA

    Los Angeles

    I was fortunate to get my new T-series combo set a couple weeks ago and have been gaming then since. I couldn’t be more thrilled with them and the improvements made over my T100s set, which I loved. My combo set includes T100 23’ G-9, (1 strong on 9/P), 8-6 T150, 5 T200 23’. The new T-series have a thicker top line, wider sole on the T150, but appear to be a little more compact, specifically in the overall height, than the previous T-series. The feel was great in the old series but has considerably improved. Throughout the full line there is a softer feel, a bit more solid, with a muted “thud” sound. It generally feels like the compression is better, even though I’m sure they perform about the same. The T200 is more compact, has more of a forged softer feel than the previous line, and transitions better with the T150. The T100s speed slot was noticeable at impact from the 7 iron down with a bit more of a pop/crack feel whereas with the T150 it is less noticeable and a better transition. Loving my set.
  18. Military
    Had my fitting 7/28 Tim Ford in Columbus. Had a great fitting. I tried the T150 and 200. Really liked both but chose the T150 6-GW. They felt very nice and soft off the face. Top line was not thick as I have seen others. The numbers were what I was looking for during my fitting. For the 5 iron we put in the T200. Seem a little more forgiving. I like the feel and the non click like last gen model had. Tried the U505 for a 4iron and this thing is the bomb. I hit long and straight shots with nice height. Very good experience and high recommended. I have had fittings with different CC but always tried to up sell shafts.
  19. Jim M.

    Jim M.

    I have had the new T-200’s for about 3 weeks now. Best irons I have played. My previous set was the 2019 version and these new T-200’s have a better feel and are more consistent, especially on approach shots. Thanks for the early invite Team Titleist!!
  20. Chris P

    Chris P
    Katy, TX

    Being a loyal Titleist Ambassador since before the first AP2’s were introduced I wonder ever year, what can they do next. They do IT!
    The Fit Crew in Houston had the range set up looking like they were a permanent fixture at the course. The guys took the time to explain the changes from 2G to 3G models as well as took the time to answer the questions I had milling around in my head.
    Once I hit my T100 to get a baseline we went to work comparing shaft and head combinations all the while discussing ball flight numbers and characteristics with each model. It was not only educational and very eye opening but an all around great learning experience.
    All I can say is go in with an open mind and soak in all the information you’re given. The clubs and Trackman numbers will speak for themselves.
    To make things even better, fitting on Thursday, clubs arrived the following Wednesday. Thanks Team Titleist!
  21. Steve M

    Steve M
    Hatboro, PA

    Titleist fittings are always something special. I'm one that the fitter hands me a club and I swing so as to NOT bias myself or change swing based on the club. It's been helpful for the last few fittings and was definitely helpful here. The fitter took the time to explain the numbers, some of what he liked/didn't like about the clubs he selected and offered suggestions on each.

    We were able to get the fitting done in a reasonable amount of time and I definitely felt like I was the only person he was fitting. He didn't appear rushed or hesitant. He asked for my input on feel, look, etc. to help gauge some club combinations.

    And the best part? I've been hitting my new irons since the beginning of August and no one at my club (including the pros) had seen these irons, let alone be able to have them in their bags.

    Kudos to Titleist yet again for their awesome products!!!
  22. Steve M

    Steve M
    Hatboro, PA

    I've now have gotten a few rounds on my new T350s. My first comments surround the sound that the forged irons make when struck well. It's certainly one that adds to your confidence. My distance has been a little better than my old 718 AP1/AP3 combo set but also have a smaller dispersion area, which definitely helps.

    Today, I had a lesson at my Club. I had a suspected gap and we used Trackman to provide the numbers. The pro commented that it's impressive that Titleist took the time to make clubs for an average player with built-in tech not usually associated with this level. Some mishits, toe hits were still solid with smaller dispersion. And the spin rates on the 48* wedge was really impressive.

    I've been comfortable hitting these clubs right from the start. The looks are similar to my 718 AP1s, but perform much better. Now, I just need to remember that the clubs will do the work as long as I put a good swing on the ball.

    The look and feel of the T350 provide a high level of confidence when looking down at the ball. The slightly thicker top line is not bad. And when you mix this with the performance? You have a winner
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