Quick Poll: What's Your Go-To Long Game Club?

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By Zack R., Team Titleist Staff

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  1. Team Titleist Staff

    Hey Team Titleist,

    It’s time for another quick poll! We want to hear what you trust at the top end of your bag for those clutch shots. Whether it’s your fairway-finder or the perfect gapper that allows you to attack the pin, what do you reach for? Let us know in the quick poll below and feel free to add a comment to share some more about your selection. 

  2. Mary Beth S.

    Mary Beth S.
    Lenexa, KS

    I went hybrid for the poll just because I feel I can control them better than the fairway metals. I’d like to get more consistency from my 3 metal, though…
  3. Jason R

    Jason R
    Ottawa, ON

    I get another 15'ish yards with my Fairway but if it needs to be long and straight the 18 degree hybrid is my weapon of choice.
  4. Chuck Z

    Chuck Z
    Mt Pleasant, SC

    Newly acquired TSR1 20*. High and straight. =)
  5. this is a club im really curious about. ive been told that its more for players who need the spin and help getting it in the ball. i'd love if there was a way to have the head shape and not launch it too high or have too much spin. really have it be like a 6 wood
  6. Jonathan Smith

    Jonathan Smith
    Charlotte, NC

    Love the TSR 21* hybrid. Launches high and flies straight!
  7. JAM


    long iron or fairway metal depending on the lie.
  8. pulplvr

    Spring, TX

    Hybrid (23 or 26 degree) in most cases, though it truly depends on the length of the shot required. my 21 degree TSr1 FW often gets used if I'm further out.
  9. John C

    John C
    Naples, Florida

    19 degree hybrid….amazing!
  10. My TSi3 16.5 FW. Off the tee and the fairway, my go to long club.
  11. Depending on the distance, either my TSR2 18 degree or 21 degree. Money.
  12. Kyle J

    Kyle J
    Brookfield, WI

    I have a preference for a 2 hybrid as my long club. I typically get about 215 yards of total distance (200 carry). I tend to be a better iron player vs fairway woods and thus have found hybrids to be better for my game. I get about 250 yards of total distance out of my driver but will use my 2 Hybrid off the tee when accuracy is paramount. Works for me.
  13. That's a good question all depends on what clubs you use depending on the lie or how far from the green you are but I'd go for the metal wood if the lie is good
  14. Jon T

    Jon T
    Iowa City / Cedar Rapids, Iowa

    This is actually something that I want to work on over the winter - the top end of my bag. I currently play 5W / 4i - started the year with a 3W that I just couldn't hit with any consistency and I sold it to a buddy (dodged a bullet - he almost beat me with it later!) My long irons are not too bad, but I sometimes struggle with off center strikes and in turn a loss of distance and accuracy. I am planning on looking at the TSR woods, hybrids and the U505 to see what I can put into play the best. My driver is also due for an upgrade, so we'll see how much scratch I can hide from the boss before she wises up and crushes the fun!
  15. Frank P

    Frank P
    Port St. Lucie, FL

    3 Wood off the deck. I use it a lot.
  16. Greg F

    Greg F
    Wilmington, NC

    I get better consistency with the Hybrid over the irons. Shorten the swing if needed and I am usually happy.
  17. I was fit a few months ago at Manchester Lane. A true bucket list experience. Got fit with a 4, 5, and 6 hybrid. Absolutely love them. That's my long game go to club to get on most greens.
    Play Well,
    Steve S.
  18. Always had a hard time hitting my 4 iron, the only time I would use it would be to punch out of the woods. Put a 7 wood in my bag and now don’t mind seeing 195-205 yds on my rangefinder.
  19. Dr. D

    Dr. D
    West Des Moines, IA

    Driver off the deck
  20. Better control with hybrid with only slightly less distance.
  21. Grant  G

    Grant G
    Marion, OH

    Mine is my hybrid. It's an older model (816h1) but I feel like I can always hit it in the fairway and I can work it both ways as well. Mine has a lighter weight shaft than normal and it's been great for me!
  22. RPrater

    Richmond Hill, GA

    Getting a lot more confident with my TSR3 3w, but I'm very accurate with my TSR2 3h. Got to continue to grind on the range!
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