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By Kevin A

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  1. I am a new college golf coach and was wondering about your college discount program. Could you please email or post the contact information for the program?? Thanks
  2. Cath D.

    Cath D.
    Carlsbad, CA

    Hi Kevin,  Most colleges have an account set up with us for balls, shoes, gloves and clubs..  You may want to check with your AD to get the information from him/her.   If your school does not yet have a program established, please call 1-800-225-8500 and ask for the College program and they can get you started.

  3. William F

    William F
    Hampstead, NC



    Which college are you coaching at? Looking to send out resumes for my son who just became a senior in high school.

     Thank you

    Bill F.

  4. To William F: University of Pikeville, Kentucky (Defending National Champions Basketball) Please send me his resume! Would love to take a look at him. email to:

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