Pinehurst No 9

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By Mark P

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    Has anyone played Pinehurst No 9? I was recently able to play No. 2 & 8, as well as, Tobacco Road. Three fabulous courses. I was told No 9 was a very beautiful, but tough course. Is it a must play? Any opinions or tips greatly appreciated.

  2. Jake R
    East Aurora, NY

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    Yes. Amazing course in excellent condition. I played World Championships there two years ago and the course is awesome. Some difficult holes but they are risk reward. Greens are spectacular. Top answer your question, it is definitely a must play. I played well there and that is why I am somewhat partial to the course, yet, regardless it is a very nice course. It is not the upside down saucer greens that No. 2 has, and is most of the time pretty soft. A lot of the greens bowled and allow for shots to get close to the hole. The holes require lots of thought off the tee. I all around love No. 9 and I hope you get to play there. Best of luck and keep it out of the water on hole #2!
  3. Speedy
    Newmarket, NH

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    I played #2 and #4. I had heard #8 was pretty sweet but didn't hear about 9. Anyways the only reason why i'm commenting is you played Tobacco Road. That course is a GEM! Mike D. recommended that course last year and told us to try and play it before the TT Invitational. So myself and Josh aka hotsauce flew in early and played it. We had a blast playing there, such a unique course. Highly recommend playing there if you're heading to Pinehurst.

    Hope you get to play #9 and play well!
  4. Bill F
    Asheville, NC

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    It's been years, but I played it prior to being bought by the Pinehurst club. Very good golf course designed by Nicklaus.
  5. Sean S
    Centreville, VA

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    Great golf course! Then again I'm biased as I grew playing this course and part of the clubhouse grill was named after my grandfather.

    You cannot go wrong playing this course, it will test all aspects of your game and the course is always in great shape. Hope you enjoy and please post your thoughts if you decide to play this course.
  6. Jonathan K
    Advance, NC

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    I've played it several times and think it's a very tough course; classic Nicklaus design. Tough course throughout, just hitting the green doesn't guarantee a par. This is a much different course than Pinehurst 1 through 8 but worth the effort to play.
  7. Lori E

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    I played pinehurst 2 and 4, Tobacco Road, dormie club and pine needles. Never played pinehurst 9 but I'm sure it's as awesome as the other pinehurst courses. Tobacco Road is awesome!!

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