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    Just wanted to share my recent golf trip to St Augustine Florida. My dad winters in St Augustine Beach and myself along with 2 buddies headed down to play with him for a week. He just turned 70 and is a part of our regular golf group back in Ottawa. Of course, I headed down with a full bag of Titleist gear. I just purchased the 2017 Mid Staff Bag and the 917 F3 fairway. I tied my bag together with 2 new Titleist Japan Headcovers as well. All in all a solid set-up.

    We played 8 rounds in 7 days. In order, Marsh Creek (private), Slammer & Squire WGV, Palm Harbor, King & Bear WGV, LPGA International Hills and Jones, TPC Sawgrass Valley and just before our flight, Orange County National, Panther Lake. All in all an amazing golf expeince. Courses were in excellent shape and greens were running as quick as can be.

    Anyway, just wanted to chat about our travels to North Florida...


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  2. Joshua B

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    Wow great pics! That's definitely a great golf vacation area. My wife and I've been down there before and played Sawgrass and the LPGA course. Did you get a chance to see the Golf Hall of Fame and eat your weight in fried conch? Well worth worth the heartburn!
  3. Barry B
    Lake St Louis, MO

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    Sounds like it was an awesome trip! Great looking bag setup also!
  4. Dan H
    Columbus, OH

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    Very cool Bucky! Was just in N.FL last week as well and played King & Bear @ WGV. Was a great track! You had an amazing group of courses that you knocked out during your trip and I'm jealous! Thanks for sharing!
  5. Edward K
    Wesley Chapel, FL

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    To be honest, I think Sawgrass Valley can be the tougher of the courses there. Great list of tracks.
  6. Lance P
    hillsborough, NC

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    Those are very nice pics and that sounded like a fantastic trip. My wife and I enjoyed the LPGA Hills course last spring and the World Golf Hall of Fame should not be missed if one is in the area.
  7. masamitsu
    Parker, CO

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    Very cool Bucky. OCN is one of my favorite places down there. We always play there when we're in town.

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