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By Rick D

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  1. Rick D

    Rick D
    Weston, WI

    I saw a short article, pictures included, that Mat Goggin on the tour had his clubs broken while flying. The article didn't say what he's using for a case.

    After having two cheap plastic cases destroyed by the airlines, I use a SKB hard case. It's indestructible, but bulky and I've been thinking of buying a Club Glove case.

    What are you using and why?

  2. B.A.

    Los Gatos, CA

    As nice as it is to have your clubs with you when you fly so you can hit shots up until the last minute you leave for the airport, I have found it much more convenient to ship my clubs either via UPS or Fedex in a Fedex Golf Club box. The box is cheap, it's very large, fits your bag, shoes, balls, and whatever else you want to stuff in there. You can ship it to the course you're playing, or the hotel you're staying.

    While it's not as cheap as taking them on the plane, the added expense is worth the reduced headache if you plan in advance (cost depends on where you're going).
  3. Vance A

    Vance A
    Turlock, CA

    I have used the same Club Glove case for 10 years without any problems. As an added precaution I now remove the heads off of my Driver and Fairways woods and back them in my regular suitcase.
  4. Chuck Z

    Chuck Z
    Mt Pleasant, SC

    SKB hard case and it has been everywhere (Canada, Europe, West Coast, all over US when flying) with no damage to my clubs. This is my air travel bag and hard case. Stays under the weight limit for the airlines for luggage also, no charge. I love mine. Throw in two pairs of shoes, shaving kit and away I go. Clothes in my overhead carry on. Take tour staff bag when driving.
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  5. Steve S

    Steve S
    Denison, TX

    I travel with the large Club Glove Last Bag. I can't speak about the SKB but the Club Glove seems bulky to me. That said, the Club Glove has been a very good bag. It is very well built with enough space for a large cart bag and shoes. I put covers on my irons and weave a towel around the clubs to minimize contact. I also highly recommend the Club Glove stiff arm.
  6. LBazzard


    Club glove medium, similar quality and a lot lighter. I also love the fact that there are loads of color options.
  7. 19hole

    Woburn, MA

    I have used a Club Glove for the last 800,000+ miles. If you also use a Strong Arm and wrap you irons in a towel you can travel without a lot of worries.
  8. Chris92009

    Cincinnati, Ohio

    I have three Club Glove cases, different sizes for different trips. The key to this system is purchasing the "Stiff Arm" which goes into your bag when you use the Club Glove!

    Never had a problem in over 20+ years on planes...knock on wood!
  9. Michael G

    Michael G
    Edinburgh, Midlothian

    I can't recommend a Club Glove highly enough. I've used it for numerous golf trip over the past six years and has barely got a mark on it. I also use a Club Glove Stiff Arm for additional protection.
  10. Keith M

    Keith M
    Acworth, GA

    Same as you, I used to have a cheap hard case. Thankfully, it didn't get broken by baggage handlers, but after having it for about 10 years the clasps started to rust out so it was time to replace it.

    I purchased a Club Glove (and stiff arm). I've been pleased with it so far. Recently took it on a trip and nothing was worse for wear. I do pop the heads of my driver, 3, and fairway off and carry them on.
  11. I use a soft side travel case and ship via Fed Ex. I know it's not cheap but do the math. By the time the airport russles through your clubs and never returns them to how you packed them, it's only a matter of time before they get broke. You have a large investment in the clubs and bag only to have them wrecked by the airlines.
  12. Don O

    Don O
    Madison, WI

    My original Bag Boy with a hard top worked well for protection, but the canvas, zippers, and handles didn't hold up as well. I have a Titleist Club Glove and use a CG Stiff Arm as well. I haven't had a problem. I know others will remove the driver head and carry it in their carry-on. So far, handling the baggage gorillas well.
  13. masamitsu

    Parker, CO

    Club glove burst proof going on 10+ years. I remove the heads and store them in my check-in bag, put the irons heads down in the bag and 2 pair of shoes goes on the top of the bag. Been doing it this way for the last few years without any issue. Oh, have a stiff arm as well in there.
  14. Todd T

    Todd T
    San Diego, CA

    As with mostly everyone, use a Club Glove and Stiff Arm. Id suggest going away from the all black version unless you stencil something identifiable on it. You see way too many all black ones and Id hate to be that guy that gets his bag swiped as misidentified.

    Besides, the hard-sided cases are too bulky and just plain ugly!
  15. No'l

    Palmdale, CA

    I've had a soft case since 2000. One of the handle has been repaired once. (LOL) But, I just throw in a Club Glove- Stiff Arm Travel Golf Club Protector which cost me around $20 around the same time, and it's good to go. Old but clean and has been to many fun trips.
  16. RBH


    Hi. I have a club glove and a stiff arm. I have never had a problem. When I was young, the golf pro at the course I played at taught me to turn the woods upside down in the bag when travelling. If you have a bag without the 'individual' club slots you can put your driver and fairway metals in your bag that way and it provides further protection. As a number of members have pointed out you can also remove the heads. One other thing I do because, well, I guess I just care about my equipment. Most of the Center poles or stiff arms are made with a hard plastic top. I cover that plastic with a stainless steel mixing bowl from the kitchen. They are light, won't break and protect the top of your bag if it is tossed by baggage handlers. Extra protection, inexpensive and solid!!
  17. As most everybody on here is stating I have a Club Glove Last Bag and the Stiff Arm. I do take the heads off my Driver and 3 Wood and pack inside the bag.
  18. I just packed by bag for an upcoming trip. 3w/hybrid/irons/wedges inserted w/ the heads inside of the bag, driver head removed, all butt-ends of the grips have been zip-tied together around the stiff arm, and a couple of towels to add padding.

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