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By Brian N

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  1. Brian N

    Brian N
    Brookline, MA

    Hi fellow Team Titleist crew, I'm heading to Minnesota in late October and wondered what public courses you would recommend in the Minneapolis area? Appreciate your help!

    Thanks, Brian

  2. Brandon C

    Brandon C
    Rochester, MN

    Hi Brian! That’s my old stomping ground so I feel qualified to give you some recommendations. In the SW metro is the Chaska Town Course (Co-hosted the US Amatuer with Hazeltine a couple of years ago). Out east of the cities is Troy Burne in Hudson (so technically WI, but it’s a pretty quick drive), which is also a top public track. StoneRidge is another course over on the east side that I’ve heard great things about but never made it out to myself. Let me know how far you’re willing to drive and how much you’re looking to spend and I can give you more options.
  3. Late October will be rolling the dice up here. The course will depend on where you are going to be staying/visiting. I mostly play courses in the south and west suburbs. I like Chaska Town Course, Deer Run, Ridges at Sand Creek and Stonebrook. In Minneapolis Gross is a good course too.
  4. John C

    John C
    Hopkins, MN

    You should play The Meadows at Mystic Lake, StoneRidge, and Rush Creek. Hopefully the weather will hold for you.
  5. Tim B

    Tim B
    Bismarck, ND

    There are a ton of great golf courses in Minnesota. Weather will play a part in late October. Depending on where you'll be in the state, I believe there are options. Close to Minneapolis, I suggest the Legends, the Meadows at Mystic Lake, and the Chaska Town Course. If you're headed further north (Brainerd), the Classic, the Legacy Courses at Craguns and the Pines at Grandview Lodge provide great opportunities for good golf. Fingers crossed on the weather! Cheers.
  6. Rick D

    Rick D
    Weston, WI

    Bring your long johns!

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