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By John Strachan

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  1. John Strachan

    John Strachan

    Hi Love the TS headcover keyring’s I am seeing. 1 quick question though Do you get them when you purchase a TS driver? As I never got one when I bought my driver

    Post Image
  2. Hi John, these keyrings are a promotional item that we are currently using in our Faster Than Yours Friday (twitter.com/.../1104075230484615174). Feel free to enter the competition for a chance of winning one
  3. Declan R

    Declan R
    Wexford Rep Of Ireland

    Now THEY are coooooool.
  4. I have been wondering this myself! thanks
  5. MattH

    Peterborough, England

    A great way of showing off your TT credentials even when you are in your civvies?
  6. I've never seen one before this - Now I want one... but I'm not on the other social media sites so I won't get one...
    Oh well, what you haven't had you never miss, I suppose
  7. Steve W

    Steve W
    Tooting, London

    Would love one of these!
  8. That's rapido!!!!!
  9. Chris M

    Chris M

    wow they are looking so cool!
  10. Declan F

    Declan F
    Wexford, Ireland

    They are cool. Maybe one day

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